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|weuse= Social networking, micro-blogging
|weuse= Social networking, micro-blogging
|wedev= Twitter Inc.
|wedev= Twitter Inc.
|lastrel= Jul 13 2006
|datepub= Jul 13 2006
|fnote= Comments on the character.
|fnote= Comments on the character.

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Comments on the character.
Common Name: Twitter-tan
Alias(es): Twit-tan
First Appearance: unknown
Original Creator: unknown
Site/page Personified: Twitter.com
Site/page Type: Social networking, micro-blogging
Devloper: Twitter Inc.
Date Published: Jul 13 2006

Twitter-tan represents twitter.com, a free social networking and micro-blogging website that allows users to post short messages (also known as updates) on the website and are sent to everyone (by default) or only to the user's friends.

Twitter-tan is represented as a catgirl with white cat ears, gloves and tail and dress with a blue shawl, necklace in the shape of a t from the Twitter logo, wears long blue boots and has short light blue hair and light red eyes. She almost always carries a big yellow screwdriver with her which is a reference to the picture displayed on the site when the server goes down which shows a cat trying to fix a computer using a yellow screwdriver and she is often curious of her surroundings.

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