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The place for analysis and casual discussion of the 'List of OS-tans' featured articles.

For more in-depth discussion of OS-tans, feel free to visit the Forum!

C-Chan: Is everyone here okay with this mini layout? ^__^

Tsubashi:Looks good to me! Great Job everyone!

C-Chan: Aweseome power. ^.^ Now then, a couple of things to consider about the stuff currently up...

  • Should we separate the Windows NT article into a separate NT-tan and InuT (NT 4.0 Workstation -- different OS) section?
  • Should we do the same for Hacchan and Secchan?
  • And for that matter, Odyssey and Neptune? Reason why is because if anyone wants to contribute technical information about any of these OS-tans in the future, it'll be easier if they each have their own distinct article.
  • Thanks for uploading my favorite Rozen Maiden Vistan. However, should we also upload the sailor fuku and ninja versions as well, since they somehow are now the most popular? ^^;
  • I'd rather limit the list to just specific OS-tans, and keep Family articles as secondary links (similar to the See also XP Family blurb). In other words, we should do the same for the Macintosh Family.
  • That said, and in addition to the STRONG likelihood that Generic Mac-tan represents OSX more than she does classic Mac, I say we convert the OSX-tan entry into an OSX Family article and turn it into a secondary link. In its place, I'll create 6 separate articles for the 6 separate Mac OSX releases (Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger and Leopard).
  • I still need to create an avatar of PC-DOS-tan. Lazy thing for me to do is simply crop the existing chibi pic, but I prefer to draw a quick one from scratch. ^___^

Tsubashi:I think it would be a good Idea if we split the articles, but only if we can provide a decent amount of information on each. I also have wanted to load Tech Specs on each of the pages, but wasn't quite sure if it was appropriate. I figured i should wait until the wiki stabilized before making such a suggestion! Oh, and as an afternote: What is the Standard Operating Protocol for this talk page?

  • One more thing, is the wiki article still pending deletion? If not, we need to remove that note from the List of OS-tan's description

C-Chan: Agreed,... priority at the moment should definitely be given to posting all the OS-tan blurbs. -v- Once we have all of them ready, then we can focus on expanding their articles. Naturally,... anyone who wants to expand on their favorite character is free to do so,

Oh, and as an afternote: What is the Standard Operating Protocol for this talk page?

Use + button instead of Edit, put your signature on the subject, and write in the body text. That way, the format will closely mirror the forums. ^__^

One more thing, is the wiki article still pending deletion? 
If not, we need to remove that note from the List of OS-tan's description 

Probably must be removed since the Wikipedia List of OS-tans is long gone. Unless you count the Google cache, but otherwise.... yeah, it can be nixed. ^___^

Fedora-Tan: Doesn't look just good, looks great. I love the design, simple yet elegant. For the content itself, wouldn't it be easier to make a section for each question rather than a section for a user ? (i mean, rather than making c-chan and all you said below, like a forum, i think it could be more efficient and wiki related to make, for example, Splitting pages as section title and allow everybody to comment below for each problem. Just a guess...

C-Chan: I'm a bit worried that replying to each section might require a bit more technical skill and maneuvering. Not a problem for us now, but will be once the Wiki goes gold and the userbase mushrooms. ^^'

Still,... I guess we can also try this IRC-style and not break up the discussion into any sections. Naturally,... if anyone is willing to reply to a particular back post and knows how to do that, then by all means they should be free to do so (though they might have to indent the paragraph).

For the moment, then, disregard what I said before about adding the tildes to the subject line, as in fairness this might invite clutter later on..... ^^;

Tsubashi: Ah, that makes much mores sense! I was wondering what the plus was for (stupid me!) I didn't usually look at Talk of Discussion pages on the other Wiki's so I was a liitle confused