Quantum Link

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Quantum Link-tan
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Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
First appearance: November 2007
Application personified: Quantum Link + Quantum Link Reloaded
Application developer: Quantum Link/AOL (1985-1994)
First deployed: November 5th 1985

Quantum Link-tan represents a popular internet service for the Commodore 64 and 128, made by the company Quantum Link that later became AOL. She has grey hair with L-shaped strands of hair at the side (that also look like part of the Q-Link logo) and wears a military-style outfit (like the Commodore-tans do or used to) that is black and white with a badge in the style of the Q-Link menu.

She is a gamer and gambler who likes classic multiplayer games (checkers, chess, backgammon and hangman) as well as casino games (bingo, slot machines, blackjack and poker) and owns a tropical resort full of games, casinos, tech centers, galleries and malls.

Her resort and services were shut down and abandoned November 1st 1994, corresponding to the actual event of Q-Link shutting down that day. Q-Link-tan's whereabouts since then were completely unknown (She also could not return home to AOL-tan) but when she turned 20 years old on November 5th 2005, she returned as Quantum Link Reloaded-tan and reclaimed her old resort.

Quantum Link Reloaded-tan looks a lot like her past self but with short hair, wears dark sunglasses, and her outfit has a Matrix-inspired design to it. She is also a bit wiser and very generous, giving out services for free. While she does not have any corporate support anymore, she is able to get by just fine with the support of her friends Commodore 64-tan, Commodore 128-tan and their followers.