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Mac OSX-kun
Os-x kun 2.jpg
Character information
Common name Mac OSX-kun
Also known as OSX-kun
First appearance Unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color blonde
Eye color blue-grey
Faction House of Mac
Lineage Mac OSX, Unix
Technical information
System personified Mac OSX
Developer(s) Apple
Debut 24 Mar 2001
Latest release 10.8.2 September 19, 2012

Technical Details

OSX takes its roots from Steve Jobs' company NeXT, which created the core of OSX, NeXTSTEP, in 1989. After Apple's buyout of NeXT in 1996, Jobs returned to the company as CEO and eventually shaped their new OS, OSX. The Unix basis makes the OS very stable and upgrades easy. Compared to OS9, the interface recieved significant visual upgrades, and additional bundled software (such as an onboard coding application) were included, along with little features such as spelling and grammar checkers across the board. Since the initial release, there have been minor upgrades with each release, but backwards compatibility does not seem to be a priority, meaning that though most versions use Powermac PCs, upgrading an older Powermac to the current standards can be difficult if at all possible.

Character Details

OSX-kun is a young boy (of roughly 12 or 13) with blonde hair and blueish eyes. Like the other OSX-kuns, he has some cat traits, such as the ears, tail, and also typically doesn't wear a shirt (though it's not that he doesn't want one[1]). He typically dons a loincloth of some animal pattern (usually matching his ears and tail) and occasionally has wraps on his hands or feet. He also wears an apple-shaped eyepatch like others of the OSX line, and a cape or scarf.

He is usually seen in the company of Sonata-tan, who dotes on him like a mother, usually seen holding or hugging him. When he is not with her he is also seen in the company of the other OSX-kuns, Homeo, and occasionally Kyourou or ME-kun. He also spends a good deal of time with Kyuuki, one of the Nijiura and Futaba Characters, though whether this is by choice is up for speculation.[2]

OSX by nature is an innocent kid, typically finding himself in situations he didn't sign up for, or being coddled by his older sisters. As a result, he doesn't say or do much, typically being eye candy or comic relief when the situation calls for it. It seems that when he does act on his own, however, he has a slightly mischievous spirit, though it's not out of malice. He seems naive to certain situations, and can have a slightly effeminate air, despite trying to be a tough guy like his brothers. It could be comparable to a kitten trying to act scary. As a result, he is something of a fan-favourite for art sometimes, given that he's just rather adorable (one could say he's like the Mac's answer to Homeo; perhaps that's why they spend time together).