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Windows 3.1-tan
Mac OS9-tan
Also Known As: Sonata, Sonata Sensei, 9ne-san
Original Creator: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
OS Personified: Mac OS 9
OS Developer: Apple Inc.
First Released: 23 October 1999
Latest Stable Release: v. 9.2.2 6 December 2001

Mac OS 9 is currently the most common and adored MacOS girl. OS9-tan is the personification for Mac Operating System 9, better known as Sonata, named after standard wallpaper for OS 9. Japanese artists frequently refer to her as Sonata sensei. She wears a white dress with the Mac face logo on the skirt with a slit up the front that follows the nose/profile line. Unlike MacOS-tan, she is always seen as cheerful, modest and responsible like 2k-tan, much due to the fact that she is the only maid in the Mac group. She is always responsible for taking care of the OSX girls. Her main hobby is art (mostly painting). Also unlike MacOS-tan, she had good relations with the other OS-tans like Windows girls. She is mostly seen hanging out with ME-tan, and like XP-tan, she would oftenly be seen in ecchi situations in the Mac 4koma. For more information, go to http://kazumi386.org/%7Eostan2/pic_uploader/mac/index.html.

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