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{| class=infobox bordered align = right style=width: 25em; text-align: left; font-size: 95%;
#REDIRECT [[Mac OS 8]]
|+ style=font-size: larger; | '''OS 8-tan'''
| colspan=2 style=text-align:center; | [[Image:MACOS8.gif‎|Mac OS8-tan]]
! Also Known As:
| Veronica, Tempo
! Original Creator:
| Aurora Borealis and Others
! First appearance:
| Unknown
! OS Personified:
| Mac OS 80 - 8.6
! OS Developer:
| Apple Inc
! First Released:
| 26 July 1997
! Latest Stable Release:
| v. 8.6: 10 May 1999
Mac OS8-tan was originally a character occasionally seen at Futaba Channel. Better known as Tempo-tan, she was depicted as a young, timid-looking, but otherwise cheerful little girl with a bomb-shaped diaper and a hat in the shape of the the rainbow Apple logo of the classic Macintosh (including a white patch to simulate the bite mark_. She was rarely seen, and pictures of this version are only available at an old archive specializing in the Mac OS girls, located at http://evo7gt-a.hp.infoseek.co.jp/osmac/.
The Mac OS8-tan depicted in the avatar is based on the character design created by [[Our Artists|Aurora Borealis]].  This version depicts Tempo-tan as older, more outgoing, and slightly war-torn (after the market competition wars with Microsoft in the mid-to-late 1990's), but with the same cheerful disposition as her younger self.  The beret she wears, as well as her proficiency in bomb-wielding, is also a throwback to the younger version.
See also:
*[[List of OS-tans]]

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