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Windows 95 OSR2.5-tan
Also Known As: Windows Millennium, Windows Millennium Edition, Emui-chan
Original Creator: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
OS Personified: Windows ME
OS Developer: Microsoft
First Released: 14 September 2000
Latest Stable Release: v 4.90.3000 September 2000

Me-tan is the more cutesy personification of the much maligned and infamously unreliable Windows Me Operating System and was the first OS-tan created. She is usually known as Me-tan, but is often called Emui-san. She was created by the one now called ME-aki. ME-tan's appearance rarely varies and is instantly recognizable. She has green hair in long pigtails and wears a maid outfit with an exclamation mark badge on the front modeled after the Windows error icon. ME-tan is a hard worker and always wants to help her master (Toshiaki), but predictably fails at everything she tries to do, and often literally crashing and irritating her sisters. When she is not frozen or out of control, she tends to do things showing a lack of common sense or knowledge, such as putting soda into a microwave oven or attempting to kill people by swinging a scallion or crowbar. In spite of, or perhaps due to, her pitiful plight, the clumsy ME-tan is one of the most beloved OS girls.

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