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Mac OS9-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OS9-tan
Also known as Sonata, Sonata Sensei, 9ne-san, Mac OS 8.7
First appearance Unknown
Height *none officially listed (160 cm- 5'3" in AP)
Hair color blonde
Eye color blue or blue-green
Faction House of Mac
Lineage Classic Mac- last of the lineage.
Technical information
System personified Mac OS9, may also represent the Classic Environment in OSX 10.0-10.4
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut October 23, 1999
Latest release v9.2.2 (6 Dec 2001)

Character details


Mac OS 9 is currently the most common and adored Mac OS girl. OS9-tan is the personification for Mac Operating System 9, better known as Sonata, which is the first and most well-known codename for this system. Japanese artists frequently refer to her as Sonata-sensei.

She has blonde hair that varies in length from artist to artist; having either short, straight hair, or longer and wavy hair. Both variations are about equally common.

She wears a white dress with the Mac face logo on the skirt with a slit up the front that follows the nose/profile line. Unlike MacOS-tan, she is usually seen as cheerful, modest and responsible like 2k-tan, much due to the fact that she is one of the few maids in the Mac group. She is always responsible for taking care of the OSX girls. Her main hobby is art (mostly painting). Also unlike MacOS-tan, she had good relations with the other OS-tans like Windows girls. She is mostly seen hanging out with ME-tan, and like XP-tan, she would often be seen in ecchi situations in the Mac 4koma.

Family and relationships

Appearance in the Mac Manga

While on the original Mac manga she just seems to live in the house, while in the modern Mac manga she seems to live in a shack attached to the main Apple household where she paints and keeps all her painting supplies.

She seems to be friends with Toshiaki-san, and sometime exploits him for painting as well as the younger OSX cat that appears later in the series, while she shares a particularly friendly relationship with OSX as they are seen drinking together in their underwear in more than one occasion. Pretty much like everybody else she has a troublesome relationship with the OSX cats, who in return are particularly fond of, and almost obsessed of her.

Other designs/variants

Mac OS 9.1

Sonata with a 9.1 hair clip

Some depictions are Sonata with a 9.1 hair clip instead of a 9, but is otherwise the same character. Another depiction of OS 9.1 as a separate character is a woman with short red hair, and a monocle; she looks like Forte Stollen from "Galaxy Angel", as 9.1's codename is "Fortissimo". She wears the same dress as the more well-known OS9-tan. A picture has been drawn of her and OS9-tan together, so she was meant to co-exist, instead of be a replacement for her.

Mac OS 9.2


9.2-tan is one of the rarer Mac-tans, represented as a blonde-haired blue-eyed schoolgirl who somewhat resembles Mac OS 9-tan. She has long blonde hair decorated with 2 apple-shaped hair clips; her top has a lilac collar decorated with a rainbow apple and orange bow on it; she wears a blue skirt, long white gloves with window bar trim like Mac OS9-tan's, but also wears matching boots.

Personality-wise, she is shown as very sweet, diplomatic, and her best friend is 98-tan (more specifically, 98 VPC). In the OS-tan expanded universe, when she is recognized as a separate character, she gets along the best with the older OSX-tans as a reference to Mac OS 9.2 in OSX's (10.0-10.4) Classic Environment, and has a silent rivalry with Mac OS 9-tan. For some reason, Mac OS9-tan likes her company the least.

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