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Mac OS-tan
Also Known As:
Original Creator: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
OS Personified: All Mac OS's
OS Developer: Apple Inc.
First Released: 24 January 1984
Latest Stable Release: v. 10.4.8: 29 September 2006

Mac-tan is the commonly known MacOS girl during the early times of the OS-tan creation. Being short-tempered, she is mostly known for being into insane rages when angered. She wears a platinum white bodysuit. She usually carries a large apple on her head, or a bomb from the standard Macintosh error dialog. She always uses those bombs against the Windows girls. Knowing that she always had a bitter rivalvry against 95-tan, their rivalry is based on true to life situation about the same year Apple System 7.5 and Windows 95 were released. She is also seen to use her bombs on other characters like Toshiaki in a 4koma and also whenever the OSX-kuns do something perverted against her and OS9. Her status as the personification for the Macintosh Operating System has been called into question. This was due to the fact that she was once known as OS9 in Futaba long ago until OS9-tan was created. Some artist also reffered her as OSX although there is a dispute due to MacOSX are used to have the Apple wild cat naming tradition. Even though she is short-tempered and always seen irritated on other OS-tans, she becomes friendly whenever she is given appreciation.

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