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MS BOB-tan
MS BOB.gifbr /
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
First appearance: 2006
Application personified: MS BOB
Application developer: Microsoft
First deployed: March 1995

MS BOB-tan represents Microsoft's try of making a simple and user-friendly program that runs with Windows 3.1 and 95. Instead of a traditional desktop with folders, etc. it used a 'home' setting where the user navigates though a virtual living room. However it sold very poorly and has been listed as one of the worst tech products ever.

MS BOB-tan is a clumsy and very socially awkward maid with dark grey eyes, short yellow hair, dog ears, hard hat, a yellow+white maid outfit, a red dog collar with a bell on it and also accessorizes with jewelry fashioned from giant paperclips. She also wears thick glasses like those in the MS BOB logo. Her dog ears, collar and yellow outfit are references to Rover, the MS BOB's main mascot.

She is now depressed because no one could take her seriously, nearly everyone thought she was too demanding and annoying. Also her younger sister 95-tan upstaged her in popularity to the point that she [MS BOB-tan] could not continue living at home so she ran away, despite being a loyal caretaker to 3.1-tan and 95-tan.