IMSAI 8080

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IMSAI 8080-tan
Character information
Common name IMSAI 8080-tan
Also known as n/a
First appearance July 2008
Technical information
System personified IMDOS (OS), IMSAI 8080 (hardware)
Developer(s) IMS Manufacturing Corp. (1975-1979), Fischer-Freitas Co. (1979-present)
Debut Dec 16 1975
Latest release ?

Technical details

The IMSAI 8080 is based off the MITS Altair 8800 and is easily distinguished by its teal+black color scheme and three rows of brightly colored red+blue switches. Still like the Altair, it was a system that uses switches for input, and blinking LEDs for output. The IMSAI 8080 was used in many fields, used for scientific, military, and government applications, data communication, small businesses, and personal computer systems. The operating system the IMSAI 8080 used is IMDOS, a variant of Digital Research's CP/M.

Character details

IMSAI 8080-tan has a resemblance to MITS Altair 8800-tan but short hair and dark purple eyes, her hair decorated by a teal headband as well as alternating red + blue hairclips and also wears red + blue earrings. She wears a black T-shirt over a long, blue + red sleeved shirt, teal skirt, black leggings and teal boots. She also carries around an old suitcase from her days in the military and government. While back then it contained top secret data, it now contains just her communication gear and office supplies, she carries that particular suitcase (with its chains, warning labels and Top Secret label) for intimidation factor.

IMSAI 8080-tan is a tough, hardy and slightly maniacal businesswoman and messenger who assists other independent OS-tans or hardware-tans to keep in contact with each other. Although she usually does not have a lot of money, she strives to help small businesses in need. While she is a bit maniacal and crazy with the recurring desire to return to her days as a super powerful military engineer, she is actually very unselfish.

OSC Notes

IMSAI 8080-tan was MITS Altair 8800-tan's main competitor and mortal enemy back in their youth. Between the two, IMSAI 8080-tan had the advantages, being much stronger and hardier than her frail rival but mainly won because of Altair-tan's bad decisions that caused her own demise.

In her prime, IMSAI 8080-tan was an engineer for the military and government and had even devised schemes for mind control (a reference to hacking, which is also a reference to the movie WarGames in which the protagonist used an IMSAI 8080 to hack a military supercomputer). She resigned from her military and government career after her demise from the competition due to more popular and user-friendlier competitors as well as faulty 'upgrades'.

She knew that the competitors were inevitable but thought the faulty upgrades were a ploy by her second company to eliminate her for falling behind and losing support from the home users because her competitors were so much user-friendlier. Although she still did have a lot of support from the military, the government, top scientists, and high-ranking business people; they were only a small percentage of the people, with home users being the majority and she ultimately fell out of favor towards everyone except a few hobbyists.

IMSAI 8080-tan then took up a career in business and data communication. While her career did not get her very far at all as a wanderer, she eagerly allied with the independent OS-tans, seen as a valuable asset to them and agreed to be their messenger and assist them with finances and business transactions. In return, other independents would come to her need when she's in a dire situation.

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