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Windows XP Home-kun
Character information
Common name Windows XP Home-kun
Also known as Windows XP Home, Homeo
First appearance Unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color Green
Eye color Green
Faction Windows Family
Lineage WinNT
Technical information
System personified Windows XP Home
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 25 Oct 2001
Latest release 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 3), April 21, 2008

Technical Details

Windows XP Home was released along side Windows XP Professional, and was aimed at home users specifically. As a result, Home lacks some of the features that Professional had, but still featured a host of new features such as an updated GUI, improved USB support, Driver Rollback, Remote Desktop, Faster Startup, Logon/Logoff and Hibernate Modes, improved system reliability, more games and accessories, and more. Service Packs were released for XP 3 times, starting on 9th September, 2002. These mainly put an emphasis on extra security, but also included other features, such as complete support for USB 2.0. With the Service Packs, however, came the need for greater hardware space, most notably an increase in RAM size. Despite this, XP proved to be so popular that support for it was extended to 2014.

Character Details

Homeo is a small boy of about 12 or 13. He has long green hair, bound into a ponytail like his sister, and green eyes with glasses (also like his sister). He wears key-shaped hairclips on either side of his head. He is usually seen in shorts and a coat with long, long sleeves, but due to his penchant for cosplay, he isn't always shown this way. Homeo loves to cosplay, specifically as female characters. Given his stature and hair length, he pulls off an extremely convincing trap, to the point where some people don't know he's a boy.[1] This is likely influenced by his sister's excitement at his dressing up this way (though she has different ideas as to why), and his desire to become a woman. However, he only wants this so he can have a relationship with his sister; It is evident that the gender is not the issue here, just that they are two different genders.[2] Part of his making a convincing trap is his personality; Homeo is a very sensitive young man, often doing things that make him uncomfortable just to make his sister or some of the other os-tans happy.[3]

Homeo seems to have a romantic interest in his sister. Even without it, he often looks after his sister as she is often too preoccupied to do it herself (see examples here[4], here[5], and here[


Also known as XP Home-kun, Homeo is portrayed as a gender-confused boy who looks akin to his sister Homeko. He is typically shown wearing a key shaped hair-clip and an XP shaped necktie. Homeo is a transvestite and often cosplays as female characters, most commonly Kanaria from Rozen Maiden. He fancies 98-tan, and there have been numerous occasions when they have nearly gotten together.

Homeo is one of the more complicated characters in Troubled Windows, for a number of reasons. First off, he is one of the more sexually complicated characters. He desires to become a woman, but only to have a relationship with his sister, Homeko. He often cosplays as female characters, which appear to excite Homeko. Many zany, and often ecchi situations ensue. 98-tan (Hacchan) also loves Homeo, who returns her love to a degree. Hacchan often assumes a domination role over Homeo, with very unusual results. Their relationship is much to the chagrin of 98SE-tan (Secchan), who also likes Homeo. Secchan's preoccupation with castrating him with a bottle opener, however, complicates this situation.

Homeo is not truly gay in that he bears no liking of men, but desires to be a woman. This unusual sexual trait leads to some situations, many involving the love square between Hacchan, Secchan, Homeo, and Homeko.

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