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Comments on the character.
Common Name: Foobies-tan
Alias(es): Foob-chan, Perverted Human
First Appearance: Jan 2007
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
Site/page Personified:
Site/page Type: Fark's adult content
Devloper: Drew Curtis
Date Published: When was the website published?

Foobies-tan is Fark-tan's extremely lustful and perverted sister who is often looking at dirty pictures and causing mayhem wherever she goes. Her favorite place to stop by is the Mac House although she generally isn't welcome there but is unfazed by most of their tactics to keep her away. The OS X-kuns welcome her though.

She looks like her sister but has longer and messy hair, white hair ribbons, is scantily-clad and has a black-and-white NSFW (Not Safe For Work) sign on her busom. Also often blushes and/or has nosebleeds and ends her sentences with her name.

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