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Also Known As:
Drawn By: C-Chan, Aurora
First appearance: OS-tan Collections
OS Personified: All versions of eComStation
OS Developer: Serenity Systems, IBM, Microsoft and other various developers
First Released: 29 September 2000
Latest Stable Release: v. 1.2 - August 2004

eComStation-tan personifies eComStation (or eCS for short), an x86 operating system published by Serenity Systems International, and considered the direct successor of OS/2. eComStation is a modernized version of IBM's OS/2, created due to IBM's discontinuation of the OS/2 product line, as well as an interest by former OS/2 developers (mainly Stardock and Serenity Systems itself) to extend the life of the platform. The operating system was first released in 2000, and has since found customers in banks, small businesses and enthusiasts with previous experience using OS/2.

eComStation-tan is a courteous and optimistic young girl in her early teens, with light gray eyes and short blue hair styled into triple pronged bangs (alluding to the triple-arrow eComstation Logo). She has an agile, athletic build accentuated by a blue jumpsuit (with a futuristic tie tossed in for the business touch), black hightop sneakers and fingerless gloves.

Unlike OS/2-tan, she cannot manifest her multi-tasking power via her hair, but instead uses a special hand-held device that summons telekinetic energy tendrils on demand. The number of tendrils increases with skill, but she can comfortably summon an average of 30 tendrils simultaneously to be used for any number of tasks, from menial things such as typing and knitting, to combat purposes such as roping and whipping. Without this device, she can still rely on fast and dexterous hand-to-hand combat skill, honed (like OS/2) by years of surviving on her own.

Another aspect where she differs significantly from OS/2-tan is in her character. eComStation-tan is very sociable and trusting by comparison, and does not share the same blood vengeance against the Windows-tans. eCS-tan is also one of the few OS-tans with an emotional liking to OS/2-tan, enough to declare OS/2-tan her de facto onee-san (older sister). This has generally not been warmly received by the older OS-tan, although age and IBM's complete abandonment of her in December 2006 has forced OS/2-tan to rethink her position on her young, bright and eager successor.

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