Dispute between Futaba Society and Déjà vu

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Deja Vu Art Works is a doujin group in Japan, which has published doujinshi of the OS-tan called Ky#333;y#363; Fol-DA! (#20849;#26377;#12501;#12457;#12523;DA! ky#333;y#363; foruda) (Literal translation: Shared Fol-DA!). However, it has clashed with Futaba society on several points:

  1. Deja Vu's manga use its own design of NT-tan (Windows NT 4.0 SP6) instead of Futaba's design.
    • Futaba users claimed this is disrespectful to original creators of OS-tan, hence so called stealing OS-tan from them.
    • Deja Vu claimed it has rights to create new characters.
  2. Deja Vu published a 2K-tan manga with ©Deja vu on it.
    • Futaba users claimed the copyright mark showed that Deja Vu ignored the original creator of OS-tan and claimed themselves as the original creators, and are intentionally misleading others (to think so). They also showed a screenshot on the Internet, showing some other doujin group mistaken Deja Vu and Ky#333;y#363; Fol-DA! as original creator.
    • Deja Vu claimed it was only a careless mistake.
  3. A cosplay photo of XP-tan (by MALINO, a member of Deja Vu) was posted on Futaba, while the costume's tailor only permitted the photo to be posted in a membership-based cosplay site.
    • Futaba users claimed that Deja Vu posted those photos, hence violating the agreement.
    • Deja Vu claimed that it only posted the photo in the members-only cosplay site, but soon somebody posted those photos on Futaba with an insult.
      • Later, a Futaba user found a link (hidden by using text in the same color as the background) which later was deleted.
        • Futaba users claimed this as proof that Deja Vu actually violated the agreement.
        • Deja Vu claimed its post was only a counter measure against the post in Futaba, and had no intention of violating the agreement. Later they deleted the link as it received complaints from the XP-tan costume's tailor.
  4. Originally in Deja Vu's homepage, one only claimed its manga was being published on Netrunner, but after the start of the dispute one changed its homepage and claimed that its manga on Netrunner was published without its permission.
    • Futaba users claim this is a fact showing Deja Vu had been working for Netrunner.
    • Deja Vu claimed the change in its homepage only reflects the facts.
  5. There are some other minor disputes.

It seems that the dispute still can't be resolved, or at least that the parties involved have no intention of resolving it. Generally, Futaba Society considers Deja Vu as another enemy (just like Netrunner), Deja Vu declared it would continue to publish its manga, and other people either remain neutral (e.g. the creators of ME-tan and XP-tan) or ignorant of the dispute.