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Comments on the character.
Common Name: BBSpot-tan
Alias(es): n/a
First Appearance: Nov 2006
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
Site/page Personified:
Site/page Type: Satircal tech site
Devloper: Brian Briggs
Date Published: 2000

BBSpot-tan is a satire writer, blogger and fortune teller- appears as a blonde-haired schoolgirl with hair partly in an up-do and partly in a side ponytail, wears a red+yellow beanie hat in the colors of the BBSpot logo, and wears a navy blue and white school uniform. She also proudly identifies herself as a geek and has the habit of adding an extra 'B' to words that begin with a B (i.e: BBlog)

Her main specialty is satire writing, which she does a very good job with. However her satire skills might be TOO good, causing people to believe her satire and get outraged or get their hopes up for nothing (these people are referred to as BBelievers). But she is liked by those who understand her satire and can take a joke. Her other specialties are writing geeky Top 11 lists and with her red highlighter pen at her side, pointing out and highlighting bloopers- or BBloopers as she calls them, is another specialty of hers. She also carries an 8-ball with her for fortune telling and her weapon of choice is a BB gun (which she calls her 'BBGun') And although she is very fond of technology, she doesn't really care about technical details and prefers comparing superficialities. Slashdot-tan and Fark-tan are her closest friends.

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