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Also Known As: Tuesday, David-1173
Drawn by: Gussy Keniji
OS Infected: Windows
Type: PRhC - Parasitic Resident .COM Infector
Discovered: May, 1991

Ah-tan is an impulsive, and somewhat ill-fated Viru-tan, who is a faithful friend to Acme-tan. Ah-tan's impulsive and twitchy personality stems from the Ah virus' tendency to be buggy and cause system hangs on the computer it infected. Her bad luck comes from the fact that the Ah virus is so buggy and unstable that every time it tries to infect a file it causes a system hang in the process, making it very noticeable in the end. Ah-tan can be quite profane and dirty when she's angry, usually shouting vile profanities at the one who angered her (this also comes from the Ah virus for the text string is known to have strong profanity with in it).

Ah-tan has 0 fashion sense and often throws on anything just so she can say she's wearing clothes and not roaming around in her underwear (or naked for that matter). Ah-tan hates secrets and will go out of her way to uncover anything she thinks some one is keeping from her whether it be money or even a simple surprise party. Ah-tan was easily isolated in 1992 (the same year as Acme-tan), thusly she and Acme-tan are common partners in their quest to once again cause mayhem in the OS-tan world, but paired with Acme-tan's flaw-riddled traps and her own bad luck it makes it near impossible to make any real progress on their goal. Ah-tan has a gluttonous addiction for sweets (think XP-tan and her rice) thusly she's almost never seen without some form of candy with her. Ah-tan tends to become jealous of OS-tans who are 'well endowed', some say she's intimidated by this. Ah-tan has a habit of being rather creepy, and often says Ku, Ku, Ku at the end of each of her sentences, There is also rumor of an Ah-kun, but he hasn't been seen or heard from...