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Also Known As: Clonewar.247
Drawn by: Gussy Keniji
OS Infected: Windows
Type: ONA - Overwriting Non-Resident .EXE Infector
Discovered: 1992

Acme-tan is a mischevious and clever Viru-tan, who is renowned for her traps and tricks. Her appearance is based off of differant forms of comedy. The hammer, for example, comes from the a common (if not cliched) use in anime humor (a girl pulling out a hammer, usually over exaggerated in size, and whacking a person with them *coughAmyRosecough*) and her wolf-like ears and tail is a referance to Wile. E. Coyote a prolific (if not, obsessive) user of 'Acme' products. The number on her hammer, 247, comes from the number at the end of her technical name: Clonewar.247 and the number of bytes the virus uses to create a hidden read only COM file (it also stands for it's weight, 247 TONS...which is a lie, it's really only 12 kilograms).

Acme tan is extremely mischevious and loves the thrill of setting traps and watching others fall into them, she sees herself as a great Viru-tan because of this (another referance, for 'Acme' is greek for the great of something), but in reality her traps are more prone to fail than they are to succeed, for the traps themselves are very cartoonish and ultimately obvious to the naked eye (i.e. an Anvil tied to the end of a rope, which is suspended from a tree)Acme-tan is also able to acces 'Malletspace' allowing her to pull out random objects seemingly out of nowhere (another type of humor).

Being a decsendent of Clonewars-tan (and possibly Zeno-tan), She is a replicant and can make clones of herself which will then go about her bidding, the fact she can make 5, or even 10, exact copies of herself made her traps alot more dangerous (though still prone to fail catastropically). She was eventually Isolated in 1992 after causing alot of mischeif and disorder among the OS-tans...though she occasionally gets loose by leaving a clone to fool many into believing she still in exile...Though now since there are newer more secure OS-tans, the chances that her tricks will succeed are nearly close to...well 0%, she has a common enemy in 2k-tan in particular, for Acme-tan has tried dozens of times to get her to fall into a trap, but 2k-tan usually avoids them (rather easily) and has gone so far as to pointing out why they won't work. She is also rivals with Cerberus-tan but the 2 seem to have this rivalry on more friendlier terms. Acme-tan has 2 friends; Ah-tan, and Bomber-tan, together the 3 of them make-up the 'Acme Squad'

Acme-tan is one of the more popular viru-tans, this is possibly due to her referances to old school cartoon antics