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Also Known As:
Drawn by: Gussy Keniji
OS Infected: Windows
Type: ONAK - Overwriting Non-Resident .COM .EXE Infector
Discovered: August, 1992

Acid-tan is an aldutrous and corruptive virus-tan, often using her figure to get what she wants and needs from others. Acid-tan is a bit hard to explain when it comes to references, though as her pro-dominant colors suggest she's affiliated with poison, she also has 2 tattoos each of them are related to the Viruses name and author, (only 1 can be seen in this pic though) the 1st is (usually) the most noticeable, which appear as the numbers '670' (these 3 numbers are the last 3 numbers of the Acid Virus' Aliases, strangely each alias (a total of 5) still bears the same 3 numbers at or near the end), while the 2nd tattoo, which is on her...uhm rear end, reads '$MZU' the ending letters to the Authors name. Acid-tan has the 3rd biggest bustline of the Virus-tans (this comes from the text string Program too big for memory which can be found in files infected with the Acid virus). Acid-tan is quite promiscuis, and often wears revealing or indecent clothes, if it shows alot of skin then she'll wear it, she is also charismatic and can easily influence those around her into doing things for her, which makes her all the more dangerous, aside from this, Acid-tan won't hesitate to use her looks to get things to go into her favor either. Infact, if McAfee-tan weren't around, Acid-tan would probably be alot more powerful. She is mostly a solitary virus-tan, often doing things on her own accord and for her own reasons, but she will occasionally tag along on Acme-tan's misdaventures just for the fun of it. Acid-tan also has a habit of borrowing things and keeping them for herself often times claiming she forgot she had it (this is another referance to one her alias names; Keeper.Acid.670.)