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Windows 98SE-kun
Character information
Common name Windows 98SE-kun
Also known as Windows 98SE, SE-kun, Memphis-kun, Sekkun
First appearance Unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color silvery blue
Eye color light blue
Faction Windows Family
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Technical information
System personified Windows 98SE
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 5 May 1999
Latest release 4.1 (Build 2222 A) May 5, 1999

Technical Details

Windows 98 featured improvements over 95, but had enough minor bugs for Microsoft to justify releasing 98 Second Edition in 1999. SE featured upgrades to drivers, internet applications, media support, and USB support, as well as other features.

Character Details

Se-kun 2.png

SE-kun is a younger man in his mid-20's, like his brother 98-kun. Unlike 98-kun, however, he has long ice-blue hair and light blue eyes. He is more likely to wear earrings than his brother, on one or both sides, in the shape of the "SE" icon on his armour. His normal outfits typically consist of turtlenecks and basic pants. Occasionally he will tie his hair back into a ponytail. He has a more feminine look and demeanor than his brother 98, which, combined with his behaviour towards his brother, implies that he's gay.[1] It is not known if 98 reciprocates, but it has been hinted at that SE has feelings for 98. SE-kun has also been known to don the battle gear that is common of his brother. Like 98-kun, the colours of the armour are reversed from their sisters (meaning SE-kun's Kamen Armour is navy blue). Different designs for his helmet have been shown, but typically it mimics his brother's, though the logo is sometimes moved depending on the picture. Despite his frilly attitude, it has been said that SE is also a capable fighter, to the point that 98-kun didn't know his rival was actually his brother (though this is just one canon story). It seems that while SE-kun is laid back and fabulous most of the time, when needed he can be a serious badass with a level head. Mostly, though, he just enjoys having fun (possibly sometimes at his brother's expense). While 98-kun is shown to have a pleasant relationship with 98-tan, it remains unknown how SE-kun's relationship with SE-tan is. Given her history of being a man-hater, it's possible they don't really talk, or that SE-kun's feminine nature could have influenced her habit of can openering dicks (though it's more likely that it was influenced by 98-tan's futanari side).