95 OSR 2.5-tan

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Windows 3.1-tan
95 OSR 2.5-tan
Also Known As:
Original Creator: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
OS Personified: Windows 3.0 to 3.11
OS Developer: Microsoft
First Released: 1997
Latest Stable Release: v. OEM Service Release 2.5 v. 4.03.1214 1997

95 OSR 2.5-tan, also known as 2.5-tan, resembles the first but has shorter hair, and outfits are black and dark coloured versions of 95's. She personifies OSR 2.5, the last patched version of Windows 95. She also has a more extroverted personality than 95-tan. She appeared out of the shadow of the OSes to challenge the 98 series and seems to regard 98-tan especially as a rival, but no matter what she does to 98, the other OS regards her as a well-meaning friend. She is sometimes seen wearing a black skirt, black gloves, and a white sleeveless shirt like 98, but with a red tie and black 95 style bow.

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