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Windows 95-tan
Also Known As: Win95, Chicago
Original Creator: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
OS Personified: Windows 95 versions 4.00.950-4.03.1212
OS Developer: Microsoft
First Released: 24 August 1995
Latest Stable Release: v. OEM Service Release 2.1 1996

One of the more popular OS-tans, 95-tan is depicted as a traditional lady from the early modern era of Japan. This is much due to her status as an older version of modern Windows. She is a gentle-looking brown haired woman in a kimono, with a hair ribbon showing the four Windows colors. The pattern of her kimono is based on the file hana256.bmp, which was used as a desktop wallpaper pattern in the Japanese version of Windows. Her costume is a traditional kimono and a hakama of Japan, and she wears thick sandals, geta on her feet. These are women's college student's typical clothes as seen in the earliest period during the course of the modernization in Japan (from the Meiji period to the Taisho period), and the cultural background for the comparison of the modernization of Windows to modernization of Japan is seen there. Her most common activities are drinking tea, serving meals or doing other housework. One recurring theme is her unfamiliarity with newer, post Win-95 technologies, such as USB devices and broadband internet connections. She is also occasionally depicted wielding a katana in an aggressive manner, symbolizing that it was her generation of operating systems that Microsoft finally achieved full dominance of the personal computer market. One comic strip shows her talking to other OS-tans about beating up MacOS; and 95 is commonly portrayed with an overwhelming hatred of the Macintosh OS-Tans, particularly her bitter rival MacOS-tan. 95-tan’s favorite song is “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones, because of its use in the Windows 95 marketing campaign. Due the popular belief that Mozilla Firefox is incompatible with Windows 95, several OS-tan four-panel comics have been made portraying other OS-tans encouraging 95-tan to think in Russian! and 95-tan's inability to internalize the Russian language enough to accomplish this.

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