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Comments on the character.
Common Name: 4K-tan
Alias(es): Frodo, IDF, Israeli Defence
First Appearance: Jun 2008
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
Malware Personified: 4K
Malware Type: ?
OS Affected: DOS
Date Discovered: circa 1989, isolated in 1990

4K-tan is a hyper, enthusiastic and proudly geeky ninja girl who also loves roleplaying and renaissance faires, and is a Lord of the Rings fangirl. She is very stealthy and is a ninja as 4K was one of the first viruses to use stealth tactics. Her fondness of LOTR is reference to Frodo being one of 4K's aliases and that on September 22nd (which is also Bilbo Baggin's birthday), 4K displays the message Frodo lives.

4K-tan has wild brown hair and has thick glasses. She typically dons knee breeches, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, boots, and a neckerchief; all in dark colors and also has a belt with pouches to carry kunai and shuriken (two types of ninja weapons) but is also likes to use swords.

Despite being stealthy and experienced with weapons, she is of the lowest ranked virus-tans but does not really care. She is a pacifist anyways and is much more interested in her roleplaying and LOTR fandom than having to fight, although she does take fight scenes in her roleplaying very seriously! Her friends and roleplaying buddies are BBSpot-tan, Slashdot-tan and BeOS-tan.

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