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Comments on the character.
Windows Server 2008-tan
Common Name: 2008 Server-tan
Alias(es): n/a
First Appearance: unknown
Original Creator: unknown
OS Personified: Windows Server 2008
OS Devloper: Microsoft
Release Date: Feb 27 2008
Latest Stable Release: ?

Windows Server 2008 (formerly known as Longhorn, not to be confused with the Longhorn that later became Windows Vista) is Windows Server 2003's successor and is the latest server OS from Microsoft. It is built with the same code base as Windows Vista and shares most of Vista's features.

Like Server 2003-tan and Server 2000-tan, Server 2008-tan is half girl and half mackerel. The mackerel part is yellow and she has curly blonde hair, gold bracelets, a tiara (instead of a hub that the other Server-tans have on their heads) and her maebari (strip worn to cover the genitals) is made of 18-karat gold. She is almost always seen with the other Server-tans.