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Started by Chocofreak13, January 01, 2009, 11:51:11 pm

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Aurora Borealis

I think for Apple I we decided on Kiboriko for her Japanese name.


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on July 14, 2011, 02:02:55 pm
eh, since there's an actual application called "time machine", i'm suddenly inclined to agree. however, that will be a doozy to put into my comic. oh well, that's just the challenge, i guess. -w-

For the record: Everyone besides Snow, Leopard-tan and the Apple higher-ups think that Snow Leopard-tan and Leopard-tan are (twin?) sisters (or maybe clones), and frankly, Snow-tan and Leopard-tan treat each other about the same way. On account of their personalities being so different, and all. -w-;

So you certainly wouldn't have to include the timetravelish elements into your comic, or treat them as anything different from siblings.


i'll jump that hurdle when i come to it.

btw, is everyone cool with me making -kun counterparts for 1.0, 2.0, CE, and XPMCE? for reference, i'm using the japanese version of 1.0 as canon in this case, but since i lost the only pic i had of the japanese 2.0 (white, curly-haired shy-looking girl), i'm going to treat the us version as canon. (if anyone has a pic of any japanese 2.0s, i'd like to see them, just to compare.)

for that matter, what about 'human' names for CE, 1.0, and 2.0? i was thinking maybe Celina for CE, but i have no idea on 1 or 2. :\

i also don't have a name for ME-kun, so any suggestions would be appriciated. :\

Aurora Borealis

I'll be cool with it if they are distinct enough from their counterparts. Each character should have a purpose to cut down on the number of one-offs. Celina sounds like a good name for CE-tan. Didn't you also have name ideas for 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan? I know I saw them somewhere, and they sounded good.


i think i did, but hell if i can remember. ><; and i thought up a great plotline involving 1.0 and 2.0 (both genders), so don't worry, they'll be used.

still, any ideas for CE-kun, ME-kun, 1.0/2.0?



so i came up with some suggestions for 1.0, 2.0, CE-kun and ME-kun:

1.0-tan - Ichiko (ichi = 1, ko = child, plus 'ichiko' sounds like 'ichigo' which means strawberry :3)
2.0-tan - Niiko (ni = 2, ko = child, and "niko" as a word is the word for "smile")
1.0-kun - Hitotsu (wiki lists this as the 'traditional' word for 1), or Kazu ("one")
2.0-kun - Niiro ("second son")
CE-kun - Tsubasa ("wing", given that he and his sister are pixies, and it sounds similar to Celina, i figured it was a good fit)
ME-kun - Osamu ("discipline, study"), or Nobuchi (nobu = truth, chi = thousand/study) (i like the second one better)

i also found an interesting name that would fit 3.1-kun, Saburo ("third son"), so i might use that as a variant.

also, since i made a system 7.5-kun, i was thinking Alphonse-kun or Scarface-kun for his name (since his sister's name is Capone)

Aurora Borealis

Those sound good! I found your older post for 1.0's and 2.0's name suggestions, which are in the wiki thread (p.23):

windows 1.0, japanese: Kazue or Kazuko (and Kazuo if i make a male version), meaning "first branch", "first child", and "first man" respectively
western: Primula (meaning "very first")

windows 2.0: japanese: Ami ("second beauty", or Aki, "Second Hope") and Jirou ("Second Male")
western: Nakato ("second of twins", african name), Kato (same meaning, male form)

try searching for meanings there. it was damn hard to find names that meant "second" or "two", which is why i settled on those (i'm gonna stick to the japanese names in the comic for now...)

btw, i named 2k-kun Nichen (in my comic). hope that's cool.

So that puts more options back on the table. I originally suggested Ichigo as System 1-tan's Japanese name, but if you decide on Ichiko for Windows 1.0-tan, I could use one of the other suggested names for System 1-tan. It'll work either way.

I like Niiko or Aki for Windows 2.0-tan, even though Niiko would be an ironic name for the melancholy 2.0-tan!

Nobuchi for ME-kun fits really well, representing the Millennium Edition, and he studies a lot!


that's exactly why i like that one for ME-kun. ^^ fits so well.

also, i like some of my older suggestions for them better than the new ones (especially considering the parallel with system 1 might be confusing), and the name "Kazue" seems better for 1.0's relatively calm personality. :3
if 2.0 is melancholy, then maybe Aki would be better. Jiro sounds better, too. :3 so i'll adjust my name list.

however, naming 1.0-kun "Kazu" makes him sound like the twin of 1.0-tan, which for my storyline purposes would be quite creepy, so i think i'll stick to Hitotsu on that one. :\

Aurora Borealis

Niiko could still work for 2.0-tan. After all, she was very cheerful in her youth, but go with which names you prefer.

A few more characters:

Lunar Linux: Tsukiko ("Moon child") Mahoumoto ("from sorcerer/magic") for her Japanese name. I also considered Tsukibukuro ("Moon owl") for her first name but that combined with her last name seemed a bit overkill.

Her western name is Luna, but I can't think of a good last name at the moment, but I'd like for her to have the same last name as her sister. Owlraven is the best I can come up with, combining Lunar's and Source Mage's mascot animals. :-/

Source Mage Linux: Kurohane ("Black feathers") Mahoumoto.

Xenix: Xenia (Greek for "Hospitality") as her western name.

KolibriOS: Sachi ("Bliss") Hachidori ("Hummingbird") for her Japanese name. I'm struggling to come up with a western name for her.


how about serenity? means almost the same thing as bliss. :\

considering that i'm really only going to be showing them pre-split, i'll go with Niiko, since the irony of it now makes it funny as well. :3

if you like tsukibukuro, you should keep it. plenty of people have long names that get shortened into nicknames. tsuki would be a cute nickname for her, since it's an informal way of saying "love". ^^

Aurora Borealis

Serenity sounds like a good one, though coming up with a last name for her is even harder. Kolibri-tan is Russian, and I can't seem to find any Russian names that suit her well.

Okay, I'll keep Tsukibukuro as Lunar's first name since it was my first choice. Tsuki is a good nickname for her!

So then, it's Kazue for Windows 1.0-tan and Niiko for 2.0-tan?

For Mac System 2-tan's Japanese name, I have Nina listed, though I also considered Fumiko because it has "Fu" in it, relating to the number theme, and means something like "child of writing, or child of literature".


i like fumiko. it's cute. <3 also, why not use Kolibri as her last name? sounds last name-ey. :\

and yeah, i'm going to use Kazue and Niiko as their names. doesn't have to be canon, but i think it fits well. :3

(btw, do you have any pics of 2.0 outside of the one with masonry gloves here? figured i'd ask since i think either you, bella, or nej might have them. :\ )