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Started by Chocofreak13, November 02, 2008, 06:10:10 pm

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*sigh* i feels like such a noob. i'm familiar w/ all the others (cause they're all pretty easy to understand) but, in the words of seinfield, "what's the deal with we-tan?"

Aurora Borealis

WE-tan is said to represent Windows Explorer but she is more commonly depicted as just a wannabe and ME-tan fangirl so she is not really an OS-tan.


kay. thankyou!~

Added after 5 minutes:

oh also have you guys ever conisdered making an os-kun section to the gallery? it would make the place terribly more convenient, and since there's pics of homeo hanging out in the other section, then some mac-kuns in the mac section, and one or 2 others in their respective groups, i find it might be more suitable to gather all the boys into their own section, especially considering that it's a predominantly female gallery. it would make them so much easier to find!! v_v;


I would like that as well. Always been bugging me that there's no place for them around here, which might seem strange seeing as they're definitely a part of the Canon...WHICH IS LAW, btw.


the mods are very active around here (much more so than i'm used to.) so couldn'tthey make something like that?

oh, i made a comic for school using the os-tans.i should get around to uploading it. (it got like over a 100 since i put in so much effort. <3)