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Forum Games: Break a Wish

Started by Justin, June 24, 2008, 02:43:39 PM

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Granted....  The price of living in your community increases by 10000%

I wish I can install my phone virtual keyboard on my tablet


Granted, but the app FCs when it tries to start.

I wish I wasn't in foster care.


granted. your dad is.

i wish i could pluck out blemishes/zits/scabs like berries and throw them away, leaving things smooth underneath.


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granted, they are now the only thing you can eat. As such your only line of work is a dermatologist
I wish I owned my own house
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granted, but it's in a colder region, and the frame has sustained extensive water damage from faulty, poorly-insulated pipes over a period of years. if the pipes go through one more average winter they'll burst, and the house is close to being condemned from wood rot. as such, the ground floor has begun to sink into the basement. good luck in the death trap.

i wish i had my car back.


Granted, but it now has the engine from my old Dart under the hood. Enjoy burning half a tank of gas just getting the bastard to start up and stay running

I wish there was a crossover between Rick & Morty and The Brak Show


Granted. It's the first original content by 4Kids Entertainment.

(also, since they spent all their money getting Eric Stuart to do all the voices, the animation budget is this. :0 )

i wish Mr. Meeseeks could help me clean.

Odin Yggdrasil

Granted. He uses his tongue to do it, and you are so weirded out you have to bleach everything he touches.

I wish it was illegal to put christmas music on before thanksgiving.


granted. all music is now seasonally-approved, meaning you either need a license to play any song outside of its season or risk being locked up. the US national Anthem is now only allowed during the month of July.

i wish it were possible to, on humans, snap out damaged parts and replace them with new ones the way it is with certain machines. :0


Granted, the connectors for said parts are faulty so within 2-5 years everything has been replaced two times over.

I wish indecisive people were able to process what they want and why they want it faster.
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granted, but the mental strain of doing so shortens their lifespan. as such, two races of humans eventually develop.

i wish that, like in South Korean subways, i could just take pictures of the products i wanted, have them charged to my bank account, and when i wake up/get home they're on my doorstep. :0


Granted, its a 100% inevitability that one of them will be a bomb.

I wish for all the bacon
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Granted but it's all the turkey bacon.

I wish for better dorm food.


Granted; it's now supplied exclusively by Church's Chicken

I wish I was a squid kid


granted, but rather than combining in a Splatoon form, you are now a merman with a squid head and human legs.

i wish that, like Alphys in Undertale, i could concentrate 'Determination', and then proceed to inject myself with it.