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Forum Games: Break a Wish

Started by Justin, June 24, 2008, 02:43:39 PM

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Granted. They port Pen Windows 3.1 to all Windows Phone devices

I wish senpai would notice me
Insert stereotypical anime schoolgirl here


Granted. sadly, every time he sees you you have some defect (food in teeth, acne etc...)

I wish BBC would do a Doctor Who the movie with Every Single Doctor  (Including stand ins for the Dearly departed), be able to see it free whenever I want and in a Language I can understand...


granted; they've begun ripping everything off from Apple.

i wish i could genetically enhance my digestive system to be less sensitive.


granted... the enhancement is complete... nice to meet you choco-Dalek

I wish They thought more before doing a reboot of classic animation/series


Granted but they're full of animation inconsistencies and paradoxes.

I wish air boards existed (like the ones in sonic riders)
Egg smart


granted, but they're insanely expensive, only run on processed hydrogen, and have an erratic, herky-jerky way of flying half of the time. be careful if they stall!

i wish i knew the recipe for homemade gas. :0


Granted. You have to modify your car to run on it, though

I wish I could run longer without running out of breath


granted, you now have literal iron lungs and can no longer swim.

i wish we could feasibly live in an abandoned shack.


Granted... it becomes the new fad and the housing expenses become 100 times more than regular houses

I wish for a Mr Horse Pillow


(sweet, then i can get a regular house!)


i wish i could afford to see a dentist.


Granted... you get to see the state appointed Dentist I'm forced to bear with...

I wish choco could afford 2 dentists...


granted, but they're both plotting to kill her using a dagger sharpened by old teeth

i wish i could make up a good wish


granted, you wish for a complicated world domination plan that, after many painful, exahusting years succeeds, but not before plunging half the world into nuclear winter and the other half into scorching desert. the only safe place is your base at the south pole. enjoy what little time you have.

i wish cavities healed themselves.


granted: not only they self heal, but the whole body becomes that of slenderpony...

I wish Choco's teeth didn't hurt...


granted. now yours hurt.

i wish i could get enough hours and pay per week to make over $100.