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Started by NejinOniwa, March 15, 2008, 01:04:42 PM

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Does that... make sense? I think my equasions are starting to hurt...

Oh well! * dance dance *


Well, I might have skimped a bit on the numbers, but roughly it should be correct. I think.


Ah thanks, that is useful intel, since Crazy Ox is supposed to know stuff like that about the lands.....
I dont tell you how to tell me what to do, so dont tell me how to do what you tell me to do... Bender the Great) :/
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Thanks Fedora-sama
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Heh ^^
I'll be trying to give you some more updates on the world as we proceed, and I'll try to get at least one rant in during the day. I'm supposed to study maths, though, so we'll see how that goes.
Oh: And I'll be trying to give some more effort to the mapmaking, too. I've got zoom-detailed mapping of central Haldera, as well as maps for the entire nation and East Peltair, on paper, and I'll be trying to fix them up into digital form sometime. Vassica though, is aside from the continental map entirely unmapped, so the ones I make as we RP will be the first frontier break! Yay!


I dont tell you how to tell me what to do, so dont tell me how to do what you tell me to do... Bender the Great) :/
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* claps * You've certaintly thought alot about this.



Well, I guess. The direct reason for the world's detailed development would be that I'm writing a book, actually. The main story takes place 4 years after the time of our RP action, but you might just bump into the story itself, if you're lucky ^^


Wow, so if things were to get out of hand, and there would be a town razed to the ground...We would have only four years to rebuild it?...
Interesting and flexible way of creating a world wit an actual history, Surrender it to a forum-rp and see what's left at the end... ;010
I dont tell you how to tell me what to do, so dont tell me how to do what you tell me to do... Bender the Great) :/
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Homer no function beer well without (Homer Simpson) ^_^


Exactly what I'm thinking ^-^
And seeing as I've had a major writer's block for a few months, it's doing wonders for reviving my inspiration for the project.


Okies so instead of just completely remake the character, I will keep the appearance of the chara and edit only the personality, background and skills, if that is okay?

I had lot of other character ideas but because of my lazyness, I will slap 'em all into one and make this one it.

Neijin, just tell me what is good and what's a big no no, and I'll edit them.

Name: Beliza Tempesta
Class/Race: Human
Origin: Waterhill in Haldera
Age: 21years.
Appearance: Short, looks like a little kid.
She wears a big travelling cloac that covers most of her and one big bag.
Height: 123cm Weight 40kg

Personality: Total personality remake, makes it bit easier to play with, i think...
Very calm and silent, bit shy. When befriended, very talktative.
Hard to befriend, somewhat shelfish. Doesn't trust people.
Has a sharp tongue, means sometimes she might get into trouble for her sarcastic comments.
Still very lazy and likes to sleep alot.
Somewhat stubborn.
Curious of lot of things, mostly mechanical devices.
Gets easily fooled if caught of guard in conversations.
Not good in math and always thinks with a logic that is only in her opinion logical. Rational thinker.
Likes chocolate. Dislikes cats.

Background: Born in a small village somewhere in Halderan. Daughter of a blacksmith family.  Small, though not that weak, always in search to quench her neverending thirst for information.
She began a journey to learn more about things at the age of 14.
After travelling around the Halderan region for some time she ended up studying advanced mechanics at workshop in Osinia.
5 years she studied, then her scholar told that he had nothing more to teach, so she set off for a new journey, this time over the fire daggers to explore the unknowns.
The "advanced mechanics" was pretty much about clockworks and similar things. She already knew a lot about metalurgy, so combined with technical knowledge, she had the skills to make pretty complex machines.

STR: 10
DEX: 16
INT: 15
KRM: 11
MND: 12

Shuvelmanship: 10
Blacksmithing: 15
Understanding of mechanics: 15
Cooking: 1 (she's doing her best!)

Charm: 10p
Regeneration: 5p (small wounds, bruises, etc.)

Gold bracelet
A silver key (reason or effect of it unknown)
Selfmade pocketwatch.
Big bag that keeps most of the items.
Some tools, useful in making simple stuff "on the road".
Some rare metals, useful in trading and metallurgy.


Hm. Well, usually I'm not much for throwing in opinions on how people should make their characters, but when you're asking me for it I might as well go all out.

First of all, long ears. Not okay, I'm afraid, since that just makes her look like a: some sort of alien or inhuman thingy or b: a crazed buddhist monk. And EWARan elves don't have anything near those, either, so I suggest you just go for a traditional look, or at least something much closer to it. Gomen~ ^-^;

Secondly, midgets.
You'll have to realize that you're dealing with a society that, in terms of these things, think in ways that are like ours some two or three centuries ago. With that in mind, man-dwarves - meaningly, humans of small stature, not half-dwarves - are simply freaks of nature; while they may be human genetically, their appearance suggests otherwise, and is likely to bring a huge "Wtf!?" from the Quarmotians. If you're ready to RP with something like that, then I'm fine with it as well - but if you don't think you can pull off RPing with such a naturally prejudiced character, or something, then you should skip the midget-act. You could of course make her very, very short, but in the eyes of society full-grown females are not below 150 cm, with somewhere between 160 and 175 being the norm. But naturally, it is ultimately up to you - I'm just trying to max up the RP experience...points ^-^;...for everyone.

Thirdly, what exactly do you mean with "Regeneration"? And if I don't know what it means, I can't really judge if it's power level is OK either.

Fourth and comments in general: After reading the cooking thing I thought, "OMFH, it's Raine!" for some reason, and lulz were had. Just add some sort of mechanical- or even better archeology-mania to it and you're all set XD Also, Deka-ribbon for awesome. -w-
Also, to fill in your blanks: you say "Somewhere in Haldera", so I'd say probably Alcir or Waterhill. Alcir lies just at the edge of one of the many valleys of Sakrim Lardomni's mountains, and Watergate is a small village further north, right in the middle of the mountains and on one of the highest plateaus - thus giving them great mining resources. While Alcir holds two of the nation's bigger military garrisons and training camps, and thus has a need for weapon supplies constantly, it is a little bit too big to be called "small village"; Whilst Waterhill is a small, windy village located just at the head of Haldera's biggest river, the Mienrun, and has control over the ancient, huge flood gate that controls its flow, fostering some unique abilities.

And before I'd never thought of a Halderan wearing a Kimono, when I think about it, it fits in pretty well, huh. ^^


So if I make her look like she'd be a little kid? Make her 120cm tall, so it would go well as a kid.

Okay, normal ears then.

Regeneration, as like some mystical way of wounds healin bit faster than normal, noting like regen from fatal wounds. Only small cuts and bruises.

That Deka ribbon doesn't really seem so practical.
Archeology? hah, sounds good, *adds to the list*
Can she has a fedora hat and whip then? just joking...
Waterhill sounds good, if thats the place with the mining recources?

The kimono thingie isnt the final design. Might change that.
Btw, what is the clothing "fashion" around the world?


You just made one right there, buddy ;)
Thanks to the recent invention of artificial chemicals for coloring, people counter the bleakness of the desert with bright and flashy colors in blue, green, red and yellow. The commonfolk don sand-colored clothing in Vassica, and in Haldera dark-green and gray is the most ordinary. Black is used almost solely for the military and royalties, and due to the abundance of minerals sewed-in metal or metal cloth is quite common, even in the lower classes.
Silk is an extraordinary rarity, that you can get your hands on if you're lucky and rich, and happen to catch a shipment of it - otherwise there is lots of cotton farming round the major lakes, giving the somewhat overly warm wool a good competitor. Expers in Haldera also use synthetic materials at times, when they succeed in making them. City people around the continent also favor the Tesh, a small piece of cloth draped around the lower parts of your stomach, just above or covering the beltline, and covering one's butt. Robes are quite fashionable in Peltair, especially among women, and many are lined with metal ingrams and such. Dresses are somewhat out of fashion, and only the old stickups still use them among the nobility, Finally, the Temple Order of Haelfyre have a loose dresscode of black, red and orange, and masking for all higher priest/esses; Whereas the Church and Knights of Luthar have paladin-style white, steely silver and gold, with some black for the Knights.

...and I just made all of that up in less than 5 minutes. -w-


Oh, I'm an endless source of questions.

How are the metals in this world, I mean, do we just call steel steel or does it have some other name.

And the rare metals, like gold would be one of the most expensive or is there something even more expensive like Mithril or something?


Actually, a stream of questions is the best thing a bored author can get XD

Gold, silver and coppers mainly fill the roles of coin metals, and also as trading stock in raw form. Mineral names are the same as ours, at least in Imrish - in Nimaxari and Vassican Nimaxari however, they have different names (naturally, since it's an entirely different language).
And the equivalents of "magical metals" such as Mithril, are different alloys that either through treatment by science or Ra impregnation has attained certain abilities. Pure scientifically modified materials are extremely rare in Quarmote as of today, but even more so are the Magitech Alloys, since their existence is unheard of and not in the least understood. The "rare metals" used in common mechanics however, are materials such as Wolfram, Lead and other Rare Earth minerals.