Proposal for Our site Official TAN

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, March 24, 2009, 06:40:34 am

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I think Raffaele is referring to making either a forum thread or maybe even a new forum section dedicated to oekaki.

Oh, and sorry guys for not having brought up a character design in time... I was kind of busy... with finals coming soon and all that. But somehow I actually managed to do another 7-tan concept along the way... shows for my inability to focus on one thing at a time. --__--;
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Well, yeah...
I was hoping for a real oekaki applet. I dont really like to use oekaki in other places because they're usually trolled, spammed, or, they got some weird cencoring policy.


The oekaki idea sounds awesome, but wouldn't it be a great burden on resources?  As VonDaab also pointed out, we'd need someone who'd have time to code it (both of our admins seem pretty busy at the moment) and it would also be bait for trolls, spammers, etc.

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i'm agreeing with kiso on this one; i think she means a collaborative.