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Rage of the Fentel Reavers

Started by Ultimaninja, January 29, 2008, 10:12:52 pm

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It is about time I get to posting my story. Otherwise I'll never post it and never remember to finish it, lol.

Here are the rules though:
1. Copyright information
a) understand this is my own work, and when it is not, I give credit.
b) all work has been written out on a carbon copy, date added, and at least 4 signatures from other people proving the date was what it was when the chapter was started and finished. DO NOT TRY TO TAKE MY WORK AS YOUR OWN!

2. Credit
a) Thanks goes to the following people of my story

- Raij
- blackcat
- Aurora Borealis
- CaptBrenden
- C-chan
- Endz
- Sauce
- silentscarlet
- (Two friends without screen names)
- Myself (Not me persay...more like the voices telling me what to write)

Other then that, have fun, let me know what you think.
Ummm...password is firestorm...I will bite your arm if you try to take my ideas/names/etc as your own.

chapter 3 will be late, as blackcat is redoing her character she gave me.

Still open to any ideas you guys have for characters, so if you want send it and I'll see if I can incorporate it in.

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Would it be easier just to post each chapter one by one?


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Note: I work on the chapters during my study halls daily ( about 30-35mins of work. other 15 is for homework.)
I will try to post a chapter a week(Unless tests or papers get in the way)
The copyright info still stands
Here is chapter 1: (Chapter 2 tomorrow)
Chapter 1: Even Death can be an Idiot
(By: Ultimaninja of Ostan forums)
Uthantion awoke to a loud banging on his door and many screams coming from some direction downstairs. With a cross look upon his face he got up and noticed that the windows were boarded up, indicating that someone had been in his room. Analyzing the room for any possible threats he quickly shrugged off his suspicion and began to dress. It was pitch black in this room, but Uthantion paid not concern to this, as his eyes were used to the pitch blackness. Uthantion looked to be about 25-ish with short drooping black hair. He had a permanent annoyed look to his face that seemed to match perfectly with his completely black attire. The only thing that stood out was the fact that his eyes glowed with a blood red color in this darkness.
Again the door rattled with banging annoying Uthantion into a semi-rage. He stormed towards the door and kicked it off the hinges knocking the person behind it into the wall as well. The person groaned, it had the sound of a young male to it, but as he tried to push the door off of him, Uthantion held his foot to the door trapping the boy.
"Why do you disturb my rest mortal?" Uthantion asked with a harsh tone.
"Th-the man said you'd be able to help us," the boy continued to whimper through the door; "He said to tell you that hexval, or something. But he was keen on telling you that undead were involved."
Uthantion began swearing under his breath as he stormed down the stairs to find the downstairs portion of the inn lit up completely, unlike to upper floor which had only a few lit lamps to see with. Tables and chairs were tossed into a semi-barricade between the people hiding behind the bar stand and whatever was outside the door. Only one table remained out of this barricade, being used by someone Uthantion recognized instantly. The man being referred looked to be about 18, silver hair, crimson colored eyes with an annoyed look on his face. The man wore pale white armor that looked as if it had been carved out of some creature’s bones.
"I swear Helvox, if you woke me up for some stupid vampire issues I will burn your soul into the void," Uthantion harshly snarled at this man.
"Oh ho ho, Well I'd HATE to be a burden to you, oh Great and Powerful death being, but I do so believe that destroying the undead IS in fact your job," snickered Helvox.
Once again Uthantion began to swear under his breath. Helvox was right, it was his ongoing duty to eliminate any and all undead he came across, but why a petty vampire? This thought ran amok in Uthantion's brain and before he knew it, Helvox had torn down the entire barricade, much to the cowering people's dismay. Uthantion could only sigh as he walked over to the door and pushed the door open. Normally Uthantion would be able to see out into the darkness of night, with or without help from the moon, but something was wrong. The inn was surrounded by an inky black darkness that made it impossible to see anything outside. He took a few steps out and looked around, nothing. He turned to go back in and noticed that the doorway had vanished.

“The Gods be damned…a vampire with an actual battle strategy,” murmured Uthantion with annoyance.

As if in response to this, a voice echoed with a gravely sound, “Oh, I know more then just that!”

   Without a moments notice, blows came from everywhere knocking Uthantion to his knees. Damn this HUMAN body, thought Uthantion, if I had my own this would be a simple task. Had Uthantion of remembered to put his armor on along with his normal clothing, the strikes would be less to worry about. But such was the case as Uthantion was getting annihilated in the fight. The vampire seemed to relish in Uthantion's painful expression until it finally tore the left arm off of Uthantion. Uthantion roared in pain as he fell to the ground panting and growing delirious from blood loss.

“No...No stupid, filthy, maggot filled mistake is going to kill me,” wheezed Uthantion into the darkness.

   As this was said, Uthantion moved his right arm under his chest to his heart and began to mutter out incantations. His body began to glow with a purple-blackish flame that illuminated the darkness around him. The flames formed a 'replacement arm' where his left arm was, flickering about as if testing the new 'fingers'. On his back, four wings took shape with the help of the flames and fluttered about as if Uthantion always had them. Finally, the right side of Uthantion's face became consumed by this flame leaving only his red eye to stand out, twitching and acting independently from its partner. Like this, Uthantion looked just as undead as his vampire nemesis, as the flames slowly began to consume more of him.

“I can't believe I have to waste this human body just to kill a vampire,” said Uthantion to the surrounding darkness with a sadistic smile forming.

   The vampire circled Uthantion in surprise for awhile, as Uthantion's right eye followed it to the exact step. Crouching low to the ground, the vampire made a suprising high leap turning it into a dive right into Uthantion. Before it could connect however, Uthantion grabbed the vampire's throat with his right hand and threw him onto the ground before him. As he did this though, a majority of skin, muscle, and the rest flew off the right arm leaving it with just bones. His hand fell limp instantly, and as Uthantion raised it to get a closer look his sadistic smile turned into utter fear. IT’S BURNING TOO FAST, as he cringed from the pain. His legs buckled from the stress and his head twirled to face the sky. The vampire aroused from his dazed state and tried to rise, but quickly stumbled and rolled off to the side. The vampire began to moan and as it cried out for blood, Uthantion’s eyes were replaced by a glowing red flame. As if moving on its own accord, his arm of flame stretched over to the vampire, trying to crush its face. The vampire squirmed and twitched as if having a seizure, trying to grab at the incorporeal flame. The enflamed fist had turned into a fully fledged claw, digging right into the vampire, and as if resulting from this the vampires veins bulged out and began to disintegrate the skin itself, leaving nothing more then a hideous screaming monstrosity.

   Uthantion regained control of himself and looked at the thing in front of him. Destroy the undead, raced his mind, and Uthantion ripped out the fangs from the vampire with a disgusting smile forming.
   â€œBurn filthy mistake, and send my regards to Revket,” whispered Uthantion, as the vampire began to burn in a fire so pure and white, it would leave a normal mortal sick and disgusted. “I must find…Hel…vox,” He stammered as he began to stumble back to the inn, the darkness fading by the moonlight.


   But, as all this was happening we cannot overlook the plight of Helvox. As Helvox watched with amusement the fight from his chair, he did not realize that the boy he had informed was a newly created spawn of the vampire. The boy lumbered down out of notice by the cowering residents twitching and fidgeting as fangs began to replace his two canine teeth. He lunged at Helvox, knocking them both to the ground.

   â€œUgh, what the hell kid? Got a problem or something,” asked Helvox looking at the kid. He then gave an annoyed sigh as the kid began to try and bite his neck saying, “Ain’t gunna work kid. My skin’s too thick for some pansy ass vampire bite.”

   The kid ignored the remark and kept gnawing at Helvox, which began to get on Helvox’s last nerve. He threw the boy up into the air, and punched him straight in the throat, causing the boy to choke and begin hacking. Helvox got up and grabbed the kid by the throat and began walking upstairs, ignoring the complaints and cries from the people. He arrived at Uthantion’s room with the kid kicking and trying to bite his arm, before smashing the kids head on the door frame.
   â€œThe gods be damned kid, stop it. You are very annoying and I’m just trying to help,” Helvox said, after smashing another door frame with the kids head.

   Helvox began to rummage through Utantion’s things until he found a vial filled with an emerald green liquid inside of it. He smiled and turned to the kid, with a look saying goodbye, he shoved the contents down the kid’s mouth and threw him out of the room (breaking the last door frame with it). As the kid tried to get up, his body began to take on a tinted green glow until the skin collapsed in on itself, and then exploded filling the upper floor and a portion of Uthantion’s room with disgusting ooze. Helvox looked at the mess on his armor and began swearing and running downstairs trying to get it off as quick as possible. As he sprinted he collided with Uthantion, who had just walked into the inn, knocking them both onto the ground. As Helvox collected himself, he saw Uthantion, out cold and burning with the mythical flame. Helvox sighed as he got up and pulled out a crystal muttering something about having only a few of these left.  Oh, well life without him would be boring, he said to himself as he stabbed the crystal into Uthantion’s body.

   Doctrina Absolutus, the first and most powerful artifact ever imparted upon the gods by death, the only book able to record all events, people, and places in the entire cosmos and relay them upon the owner of the book. Of course for one to gain knowledge from it, one must surrender that of equal or greater value to the information received. And for a fickle book with a personality of its own, there is not much that will appease it to divulge anything. But in this book is the first recorded instance of the god’s creation and in this book will be the recorded day that death comes for them.
   Existing on an entirely parallel timeline to gods and the ‘living’ races lay the region of death. Known commonly as the region of hellfire, misery, and pain; this region is actually like a waiting room for souls to reincarnate. The entities of death run the region like a business, placing souls randomly into the living realm. But such was not the case when the living realm was created. Death had no true way of directly interfering with the void that was soon to be the living realm at the time. They gathered together and sent their creations there instead to work and create life. These creations would come to be known as the Elder Gods, with powers unfathomable even to the current gods. They created the basis of the world with all of its rules and wonders. The final point included into the world was magic. This little extra created many conflicts with the other laws, being able to create and destroy at the wielders whim. But these conflicts were minor at the time, and held little interest to the elder gods.


A double post!? Wait, I'm posting a second chapter
Chapter 2: Fury
(Still by ultimaninja of ostan-forums)
   The sounds of cheerful children playing in the merry streets polluted the town of Safirez, as a festival was underway. The town was along the main trade route, a major city like Hasfreizen, and the only rest stop for merchants, adventurers, and the like going through the elves forests.  There was no actual national holiday being celebrated, but rather two guests of honor were being celebrated for their chance arrival upon the city. After all, how often did a god and an elemental lord arrive at the same time in any one place?
   At first the people were skeptical that they were who they said they were. No churches or temples were built in honor of the gods here. But this man had easily beaten all opponents with such grace and skill, along with their pride. He was what appeared to be a man in his early thirties, face weary with stress and premature graying hair on his head, wearing a suit of armor what looked to be silver in color covered by robes of gold and silver with a rather large plain hammer along his side. His eyes are what betrayed him the most to be a deity, for instead of actual “eyes”, a brilliant glow of pure white light emanated from his eye sockets.
   The Elemental lord on the other hand, was quite a spectacle. A large oddly shaped bolder for the torso, which shrank as it reached the “stomach” lining for it. This is where an oddly designed metal belt semi-floated in the air, hiding the start of a second rock which ran down into the earth and out of sight with a resemblance to the tail of a serpent. His right arm, which were no more then rocks rotating near each other without joints, loosely gravitated around the ‘shoulder blades’ down to what could be considered a ‘hand’. His left arm on the other hand was composed of larger boulders with jagged rocks covering the outer portions of it, leaving the possibility that the arm was used for bashing things down more then anything else, open. A week had passed since they arrived, with a reassuring breeze that engulfed the town.

   â€œIt is best not to remain in any single place…Halisen,” wheezed the earthen lord as he nervously examined his surroundings, “It is bad enough that I even met you…but to be traveling together…”

   Halisen was unfazed by what was just said, helping children get the streets set up for the celebration. He chuckled as he retorted, “What is wrong with staying here for now Gaidun? Justice always prevails, so why not take some time to relax?”

   Gaidun snapped at this, the ground ripping out from underneath him reforming into whip-like appendages in replace of Gaiduns arms. In a blind fury, Gaidun smacked the child off a ladder to reach Halisen, breaking the child’s legs. Halisen tried to react, but was restrained and dragged towards Gaidun. Each time Halisen tried to squirm out, Gaidun tightened his grip on him, adding spikes every time. Never say justice will always triumph, BOY! The thought burned into Halisen as Gaidun continued to glare at him. It was that kind of thought that caused the gods to lose countless battles, a civil war amongst themselves, and the ELVEN GENOCIDE!
   Halisen whimpered in pain as the words continued to burn every other thought out. Slowly, Gaidun began to calm down and let go of Halisen and backed away from him and the crying child. Halisen strained to get himself over to the child, as his ribs were slightly crushed from the pressure, and tried to use magic to mend the broken legs. Gaidun released Halisen and froze, ‘looking’ towards the forest, feeling a darkness spreading inside of it. As he stared, smoke began to rise from the forest, growing bigger and bigger, as the scent of fire swept into the town. People gathered around looking in confusion, paying no attention to Halisen who had passed out, whispering fragmented sentences of fear.

   â€œNot now, not here. Why is this happening,” roared Gaidun, the earth around him rumbling with wrath. “He was supposed to have been killed! I…I need…I must prepare for this…”

   With this Gaidun dived forward into the ground as if liquid, leaving a bewildered crowd with Halisen. It was a few hours later that Halisen stabilized his breathing, but remained unconscious. A small group of the villagers had decided to go see if their elven neighbors needed any assistance with the fires, growing every second. Hours passed, and yet no sign of the fires stopping, or the rescue party for that matter, showed. Residents on the outskirts of town near the forest even began moving their possessions away from possible harm. They were the first to spot Helvox as he calmly walked out of the forest carrying a large burlap sack soaking in blood. His entire body was slightly blackened and smoking, but did not deter the sight of a sadistic smile he carried as he looked at the sack laughing. As he passed a family, he stopped reached into the sack and pulled out some bloody lump, tossing it to the father

   â€œLovely day for a fire, isn’t it? Here’s a gift,” Helvox said to the confused family, “Be careful with that, you only get one.”

   It was a few seconds later when the man screamed and dropped the bloody mess, recognizing it as a member of the missing search party.

   As Helvox neared the center of the town, the cries of families grew worse and worse, as he had tossed the heads of family members to the people he passed by. He had no idea that the heads he tossed to the people were related, but found it to be a slightly amusing gesture, almost as amusing as the fire began to slowly creep into the town. The fire was unlike anything seen before, with a black and grey flame passing all buildings and other combustible objects, only creeping into the town like slime. The only thing the fire did react to were pets and the people, moving towards them as if with semi-conscious thought. By the time Helvox had entered the center of the town, the fire had swept into a dozen homes.
   A mob began to form and slowly circled Helvox as he sat in the exact middle of town. He took little notice of the mob, content to stare into the sack until they were completely surrounding him. They threw stones at him, but the majority of the rocks and stones seemed to avoid him, as if the earth itself feared him. It was with this that Helvox got up and began counting them.

   â€œOnly forty-five people,” he asked confused with the number. “I can’t even get a good work out killing this many peasants.”

   Helvox sighed at his ordeal, but before he could initiate the slaughter, spiked pillars of earth encased him killing the closest people to Helvox first. Helvox was mildly surprised at the turn of events, and could not see that more blades of earth began to appear and slaughter the entire mob. Did Gaidun do this? He wondered to himself, I should thank him for that. But now I can’t collect any more heads…well this sure has been an interesting day today with elves, humans, and Gaidun.
   â€œGaidun is that you? Killed a lot of people didn’t you,” he asked sarcastically towards the spiked mounds of earth in front of him, “I thought it was YOU whom said that killing a divine race was blasphemy. Anyway how have ya been? How are the other elements? Are Sylparious and Pyro still mad at me?”

   There was a long pause after Helvox spoke, which Helvox took advantage of carefully climbing over the spikes into a bloodied mess. He paused as he watched the blood ripple from his steps and realized that he was no longer carrying the sack of heads he had collected. He turned to go back and grab the sack when he noticed that the surrounding area of spikes began sinking into the earth itself. Scrambling away from this, he began screeching in a lizard-like fashion, watching Gaidun rise slowly out of the hole. Gaidun raised an enclosed ‘fist’ holding the bag Helvox was carrying just a moment ago. There was a long pause in which Gaidun stared intently at Helvox seething with rage; Helvox on the other hand looked partially confused as to the situation until he had an epiphany.

   â€œOh that’s right, you sorry excuse for stupid. You can’t mind stomp me in this body,” he exclaimed with delight.

   Gaidun roared at this comment, and charged towards Helvox, whipping his arms forward like whips. Helvox smiled figuring he could easily dodge, but stumbled as he moved to the side colliding right into Gaiduns attack. Gaidun was surprised at this as well as he merely passed right by Helvox after the attack, merely spinning him like a top into a wall. Damn, I am so not used to fighting on equal levels, Helvox thought to himself as he pushed the rubble aside. Helvox looked around and noticed that Gaidun was no where to be seen, and taking this as a sign of good fortunes stepped out failing to notice that the stone pavement began sinking. It was through sheer luck that Helvox smashed his hand into a nearby building to prevent himself from sinking further into the growing abyss. Helvox smirked at the failed trap, but soon realized that he didn’t know how to climb back up. Damn these bodies, why do they have to be so confusing he screamed in his head, I don’t even know how to force them into combat mode. As Helvox began to sink further into the hole, a look of regret overcame him turning into rage, as he began screaming with frustration.


   The blackness began sucking Helvox into the wall, as he looked towards the sky with furry.  Regrettably, Helvox lost focus with getting out as fast as possible, allowing the walls to crushing many body parts. Gaidun waited only meters above the walls making sure Helvox did not climb out, and listened with great pleasure as Helvox screamed from being crushed to death. That scream was something you could not fake, just like the screams of dragon-kin slaughter. Sure a couple dozen humans died, and thousands of elves were erased from ever reincarnating, but Helvox was dead. I should go heal up Halisen about now, heh heh heh, but he's dead. The last damnable Fentel is dead. I can take all the time I need now. Finally take care of that traitor.  If an emotionless rock-being could show joy, this was it. He was gliding over the earth as if on skates towards Halisens temporary residence. He arrived at the residence, being one of the ten houses not yet consumed by the fire, or destroyed in Gaiduns furry, to see that the residence was unnaturally dark for the time of day. He entered the house rather forcefully, and noticed that Halisen was alone and unattended in the center of the household, looking quite healthy and sleeping. WHY DOES NO ONE ATTEND TO THE CARE OF HALISEN!? Gaidun echoed with a telepathic roar. Gaidun again roared with psychic furry, and when no one responded he stormed around the house looking for their owners.
   As he surveyed the rooms he noticed that pools and spattered walls of blood were everywhere, still fresh from multiple kills. He went into a frenzy tearing the household apart until he found the bodies of the owners, and the care-takers of Halisen. They were torn to pieces protecting what appeared to be a dead child half-splattered along the wall and on the floor. DAMN DAMN DAMN! Why did I not confirm a kill!? But no matter, Halisen is still alive. These humans served well, sacrificing themselves to protect him. Gaidun thought to himself with a cooling rage. Halisen was safe; he could stop Helvox with enough time. As Gaidun slowly moved towards Halisens resting area, he spotted Helvox, lumbering towards Halisen dragging his shattered leg and using a bone like a pick, which appeared to be torn out from the gaping, limp, and bloodied hole in his armored arm.  
   Helvox raised the pick to perform a ritualistic sacrifice upon Halisen, when he noticed Gaidun charging towards him. Helvox barely had time to whimper before he was thrown out into the street, along with Halisen. Helvox could only struggle in vain as Gaidun raised his ‘fists’ to execute him.

   â€œKill me…the god dies…you…filth,” wheezed Helvox coughing up dried up blood.

   Gaidun slightly paused hearing this, but finished up beating Helvox anyway. He lifted Helvox to his face and stared at him until Helvox responded.

   â€œHeh…boy… fun…soul fire…” Helvox whispered to Gaidun, as he rolled his head backward with the face of death.

   Gaidun took no assumptions, and tore Helvox’s legs off before rushing off to Halisen’s rescue. The black fire had consumed the vast majority of the city, finishing off any remaining residents that were too afraid to leave their houses. The fire began to cloud Gaidun and his ‘vision’ with horrific after images of people burning, gigantic human skulls at the very edge of his sight, and glimpses of fallen dragons taunting him. Had he the ability to tell, he would have noticed that as Helvox hit the ground, a sadistic smile was forming watching him stumble around in delirium.

By the time the elder gods had finished their task, it was time for them to reincarnate back into deaths hands. Death took great interest in studying the souls of each god and exploring the powers burned into them. But, after continued research Death decided that the amount of power given to each god was far too great for any one thing to possess. So each of them siphoned portions of the souls away and sent them back into the living realm as the first reincarnation.
The reincarnated gods went forth upon the world and gave life to each race one by one with tender care. They took a special fondness of the Humans as they closely resembled the gods in appearance. The only race they were truly disgusted with were the dragons, at the time horrid monsters of no intelligence and a lust of destruction, but felt no right to take the life that was given to them. To compensate for this, they began to siphon little amounts of powers and abilities out of elves, and other sentient creatures to improve the capabilities of the humans to create vast technological cities, with the magical protection to support them. After this, the gods left themselves to reincarnate and along with them, the first wave of souls towards death. Death was pleased by all the work that the gods were doing that they took no notice that unrest and problems began to arise.

Gibblets. Oh btw no idea when chap 3 is coming out...


Triple posts!?
This is mostly because I can, but can I get some feedback / constructive criticism for my story?

Thanks and chapter three will be delayed...Black Cat decided to change her character yet again...

Aurora Borealis

I read the whole story so far and it is excellent!

It is extremely well done- full of vivid, powerful and graphic imagery;  very descriptive of characters and scenery and also great job not skimping on the details of the battles and bloodshed! :D

The backstory describing the roles of the gods, humans, death dragons and elves is very nice too. I especially like how it shows a compassionate side to the gods, creating each race with care and not killing off the dragons despite being undesirable to them. Although I wonder... If the gods were disgusted with the dragon race, why were they created? And was the elven genocide caused because the elves had their powers taken away from them in favor of the humans?


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Black Cat refuses to give me her alterations until Feb. 14th...part of me wants to stab her for being lazy...the other part can't be forced to raise a hand against her...


Had to do some research papers, then more papers, then a few labs. No free time for me T_T. Anyway here is the first part of chapter three:

Chapter 3: Life, death, and all that boring crap in-between.

   Helvox awoke to a pitch black room. As he rose from the ground, he realized that he was standing on a smooth, freezing, and stone-like table. Frantically looking around, he saw nothing but the void. Trying to move from his position, he felt the strength drain out of him, forcing him back to the center of the table. Lying there exhausted, the table head grew colder as he felt his very soul get pulled down closer and closer to it. Helvox tried to call out for assistance, but no sound came.

   â€œOh crap,” screamed a woman as she effortlessly threw helvox onto the floor.

   Helvox quickly recovered after leaving the table, and when he tried to move felt someone sitting on top of himself.

   â€œGet off me,” he growled as he began to force his way up.

   â€œNow watch your tongue my precious little Helvox,” the woman chuckled, “but nonetheless you should be allowed to see.”

   Ink black goo seeped out of helvox’s eyes and revealed a dimly lit laboratory. Test tubes were balanced on top of each other, books stacked into make-shift tables, and multicolored vials rotating around the table. The woman who continued to harass helvox by sitting on him looked to be about twenty-five, covered in a gown of the same void that had hindered helvox, and glowed with a supernatural presence to her. Helvox let out a sigh of familiarity and depression towards the woman before speaking.

   â€œOh, Vluzia how…nice to see you again,” Helvox grumbled, “I take it you have some important business for me?”

   â€œNope,” Vluzia replied wearing a bright smile, “Just need to keep you here for a little bit.”

   Helvox waited for Vluzia to get up, but she continued to sit there, and even pulled out a book and began reading it. Helvox struggled and flailed about trying to knock her off, but vluzia took no notice of this and continued to read, humming during the page turning.

   â€œGet off me,” Helvox growled.


   â€œGet off me now.”

      "Like my voice? I tuned it to sound like one of those human females
       "Why would you do that?"

   â€œYou seem kind of angry today, not getting enough fiber perhaps?”

   â€œI’m angry because death thinks it is funny to sit on top of me.”

   â€œYeah, but I am cuter then the others right?"

   â€œYour crazier then the others, is what you mean.”

   â€œWould I look better with a broadsword or my sickles?”

   â€œYou’d look better not on top of me.”

   â€œI think so to, but if I get up, you’re just going to hop right back in the world and kill that girl.”

   â€œWhat girl? I don’t know any females,” Helvox stated utterly lost, “wait you mean Aurora?”

   â€œNo, it’s a girl you haven’t met yet,” vluzia began “You were about to recover inside the town and finish off the survivors, and get thrashed around by Gaidun some more, by the way, it was not as funny watching him beat the crap out of you as I was hoping it would, anyway as you got up a caravan thingy hit you. With my help of course…”

   Helvox’s confusion grew more by the second as vluzia continued to explain the events he just lived through, and then describe how to make them more entertaining for herself. By the time she had finished speaking, she had trailed off from what happened and was pondering whether or not he should fight in multicolored dresses to make things less gloomy when he killed people.

   â€œPay attention,” vluzia shouted as she smacked helvox.

   â€œAs I was saying, the girl that hit you is going to be helping you. The only rule is: Don’t kill her, I could care less whatever else you do with her.”

   After this, vluzia got up, and pulled Helvox to his feet. After brushing him off, she bullied him in front of an orb that was displaying a caravan speeding along the plains. Vluzia indicated that he was already inside it reminding him not to kill the girl, before the orb began wrapping itself around helvox. He gave a disgusted grunt at it and turned to vluzia with distain. She responded with a big smile, and gave a farewell hug before she turned and opened a newly forming door.

   â€œJust so you don’t think I truly appreciate all you do for me, I will allow you to have your dark shot back,” Vluzia whispered before exiting through the door.

(part two to come soon)


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"...and these children that you spit on,
as they try to change their worlds are
immune to your consultations.  They\'re
quite aware of what they\'re going through...
                                       - David Bowie"
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Oooh, this is pretty interesting story...


Like a re-run of that series you hate watching, my story is back with a new installment.

“Subject has shown extensive resistance to all forms of dissection,” a girl responded, overlooking helvox’s body, “being the only body to remain intact from this fire it is imperative that I learn what kept it stable.”

   As she turned around to fiddle with tools and papers helvox stirred from his stupor. Chained to a nonexistent wall, helvox could only look at the very bleak surroundings. It was almost a complete copy of Vluzia’s room, only completely white instead of the darkness. Books were pilled on top of each other and in the center of this mess lay an orb stationed by a golden dragon statue. Vluzia and her stupid foreshadowing, did she even send me back or is she just screwing with me…again helvox asked himself.

   â€œOh, you’re alive…wonderful,” the girl wearily sighed as she faced helvox and dropped various broken tools.

   â€œVluzia,” helovx asked as he quickly jerked his head up at the familiar voice.

   But it was just a passing similarity. A closer look at her, the girl had longer blonde hair though styled an exact match. She wore a black travelers tunic instead of a dress, but carried no weapon or even seemed to own one. So Vluzia copied her image huh? I am going to have to hurt her now.

   â€œDon’t know who that is, but I don’t need to give my name out to corpses,” the girl smirked and began carving runes in the helpless helvox’s armor.

   As she looked up at him from finishing the runes, helvox looked straight at her eyes and saw crimson coloring with no pupils save for a small occasional pulse. Crap, it’s a vampire, why is Uthantion always dead when there is work for him? Helvox continued to stare down the girl and as she became more and more nervous near him, he lashed out like a mad beast knocking her away breaking the chains on his arms, and falling to the floor.

   â€œI hate getting my hands dirty,” Helvox growled, “But I can’t allow filth to plague this world.”

   The girl quickly scrambled away from helvox and held her hands out pointing at the rune. The explosion was small and precise propelling helvox back up into the fall before falling again with a new hole where his chest had been. The girl stayed where she was, trying to collect herself when she saw helvox’s hand twitch. Fear took over her, as helvox looked up at her, and rose from the ground, his chained legs free from the blast. The hole was gone and even any signs of the rune were not present as helvox brushed the dust off him and deliberately inched towards her. She tried to run, but helvox held his hand out and fired two rays of darkness missing her by inches.
   Paralyzed with fear, helvox easily lifted her up by the neck and stared her in the eye again. The girl struggled casting various spells in point blank range, but each spell seemed to miss him entirely, as not even a scratch showed. Helvox was about to snap her neck when he noticed something odd. Her eyes lost the crimson glow with each pulse, which had rapidly increased to match her heartbeat, and turned to a light green. A spell to give you red eyes? What kind of idiot would create a spell like that? Helvox questioned, not letting up his grip on the girl. He forced he mouth open and saw that she had no enlarged fangs nor even bite marks on her neck.

   â€œWhat was that,” he asked the girl as he violently shook her, “What and who are you?”

   The girl passed out from the excessive force and building stress, leaving a very confused and angered helvox. He wanted to just get rid of her then and there, but if she was the one he had to look after, then Vluzia might get angry again. As helvox plagued himself with questions about what to do with her, he failed to notice that the orb was flashing red and began cracking. It finally burst into thousands of shards, and ripped helvox and the girl out of the area and into a now forming portal.
   The pain was excruciating, or it would have been if helvox could feel it, but the stress on the girls body was evidence enough of how dangerous that portal was. Helvox was thrown away from the girl with a loud crackling boom into a rock, while the girl laid partially buried under debris of a caravan.

   â€œSee gaidun, all we need to do is blow shit up to get what we need,” a woman responded.

   Milady if you destroy it, we cannot confirm if helvox was really on it, or if innocents were suckered into helping him Gaidun replied back.

   â€œThey’re just humans, if one or two or fifty go missing, no big deal,” the woman responded, “But if helvox is back, well it would be nice to see him. And take Halisen away, last thing we need is another sack of meat to carry around.”

   â€œAll these years you haven’t changed a bit have you,” helvox snarled rising from his hiding place, “to think that the mighty goddess Natalishin would come down all this way to see me.”

   Natalishin perked up and looked straight at helvox with a bright smile as if seeing a long forgotten friend, however helvox continued scowling at her preparing to kill her at a moments notice. Gaidun started to rush forward, but was stopped by Natalishin who again, ordered him to leave and take halisen with him. The order was grudgingly obeyed, but gaidun was still suspicious of his masters intentions.

   â€œSo then helvox, how have you been” she asked bombarding him with questions, “how’s that body working out for you? Have you explored the world since you woke up? When did you wake up by the way? Did you find any of your family members, and where is Uthantion anyway wasn’t he your younger brother?”

   Helvox ignored these questions, but instead shot out dozens of dark rays at her, only to have them not only fail to reach her, but she countered with a rather forceful lightingbolt that burned off the flesh of his arm revealing not blood and bone, but a strange clay-like hand similar to one a toy puppet would have. The ‘flesh’ regrew back onto his arms as he began sidestepping the lightning bolts unable to advance any further.

   â€œYou haven’t improved at single bit since I last saw you. But then again, you’ve been sleeping while I practiced,” Natalishin chuckled.

   It was obvious that she was toying with him, and in his current condition he was unable to even hurt her. Annoyed by this pointless fight, he threw his hands up in the air showing defeat to the goddess. Natalishin was unfazed by this, and walked right up to him without any malicious intent.

   â€œWhat do you wish of me,” he growled.

   â€œJust two things, first why are you awake. And second have you seen my daughter Fuuria?”

   Helvox refused to speak just staring straight at her.

   â€œDon’t get testy with me helvox, we agreed that if I beat you in a fight you would answer any question I posed at you.”

   â€œFine, I am awake because the merciful Vluzia removed my soul from your magic, and second I do not know of any Fuuria.”

[end of chapter 3]


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