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Started by C-Chan, January 18, 2008, 02:29:04 pm

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Okay, about 45 or so minute's work...

Added after 1 minutes:

As for our own OS-tans, just take a look at the NetBSD design that was proposed. Perhaps one of us will propose our idea, and everyone else will add on stuff until we have a finished character...or something like that...

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Kissu-san, wonderful insight.  Bella-sama, wonderful prework on the cabinets.  (plus love the note: milk, eggs, RAM)

I was on my commute when it occurred to me that perhaps a better Pilot Run would've been to design a logo for FOSS (with various editions, featuring multiple characters to be worn/displayed per the taste of the user -- such as a Windows, edition, Mac edition, Linux edition, Vistan edition, virus edition, etc).  ^____^;
(We COULD still consider this for our official FOSA launch date)

I think you guys are right, and maybe I should rethink the absolute importance of a definitive game plan first.  Some things, like food cans in a cabinet, can be a free-for-all, but other things (like character designs) need a more systematic approach.

*starts pondering*


Well CC, here's how I will mess with the design of Vistan:

[NAME] <Software> <Version> <Variant>
Windows Vista Starter
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Ultimate

[ALIASES] - Nicknames, the way the characters are identified the most.

[HAIR, EYES & CLOTHING COLOR] - Mainly represents DVD cover colors. ((For "Starter" and "Enterprise" I will choose colors on my own.))

[APPEARANCE] - Represents features.

[ATTIRE] - Represents graphical user interface.

[PERSONALITY] - Mainly represents kernel and program behavior.

[PHYSICAL ABILITY] - Represents system requirements.

I will develop more on this my personal guide more as I get ideas flowing for my character.
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Well this is what I call "planning ahead".  ^^
But remind me again,... are you trying to make whole new Vistans?  Cause you do realize that in doing so, you'd effectively be drawing Vistans #1,312,523 to 1,312,529.  Not sure if you wouldn't rather work with designs that already exist, and assign each one as the Vista designation.  We always seem to think of Chiivistan as Ultimate, and the Ninja one as Starter for example.  Certainly would be faster and help cement the whole notion of "official" Vistans and the like.  ^___^

Course, in the spirit of compromise, it WOULD also be nice to have them all wear the same "uniform" (colored differently per their DVD cover colors.  Then you'd have the best of both worlds -- the faces/hair already drawn for us, but the new fashion gear that we could invent..  -v-

The most important thing, though, is that we're either doing things or busy thinking about them, so no matter what SOMETHING will get done down the line.  -v-

For instance...

*plops Bella's patch*

I still have floor tiles to draw.   ^___^

Be right back.  ^.^


Well CC, you somewhat hit the jackpot with what I was going to do for my designing. I was considering/thinking of taking reference from the already made Vistans located in the gallery, but kind of was thinking of giving them my own flare to them instead.

However, in the matters of wearing clothes, I was actually thinking making them wear the same outfits as well, but then came up to think that it was not going to be enough. So I came up with making them a rather variable wardrobe, all having the same clothes, but all being given traits that would represent their software counterparts to a better degree.

Example: Home versions would wear the same casual outfits, but Basic would have more "conservative" clothing while Premium would wear the more "Flashy" versions.

The same can be done for the other ???-tans to further exapnd them on this project. Doing this would definitely set us appart from the rest of the OS-tan projects, setting us as probably one of the more complex circles in the OS-tan history. The only people who would be would be "one step ahead" would be the independent artist that make IMGs of the tans with different outfits.

For now I have to go... but I hope to return with a more detailed list of things that I expect to do for the Vistans, or at least a more detailed definition of their characters from my perspective. Oh and, I don't know squat about the nicknames of the Vistans except for Visbou(sp?)... she's the ninja girl right?
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Fufu... I think so.  ^.^
But I'm sure from what you can tell by my signature, I don't quite jump head over heals learning about the Vistans.  ^___^'
It is important to note, though, that because this project will be completely open, it wouldn't be uncommon for us to, say, create various different clothing for a character of choice.  The clothes could be fit on separate layers, and depending on who wants printed what, he/she can activate the layer of choice and print away.  ^.^
(so we could have, say, Chiivistan in standard armor or elegant dress,... or, say Linux-sama in flipper gear, Juzo gear, Bella gear, and. *salivates* Compiz lingerie)  ^____^

I take it from your enthusiasm here, that qualifies as a kind of "yes" vote to the FOSS Logo project we might be able to launch in February.

I didn't spend much time today with my contribution (due in part to other matters), but I can take a few minutes to make a quick mock-up of a possible logo design.

In the meantime, here's my floor tile patch,... and yes, now it's a patch in the PUREST sense of the world. ^___^

Nejin-san, when you do the next compilation, copy the lines, then do CTRL+ALT+V over the Source file (in the Floor layer) so that they stick firmly in their place.  And this goes for anyone who wants to apply this patch to theirs (e.g., you want to make a tile design).

Added after 45 minutes:

Okay, remember the logo is just pure and simple concept art.  ^__^

Don't want to open up a can of worms over something that's meant to be a simple, cute distraction.  ^^

Added after 1 minutes:

'Kay, that's enough for me.  Time to get a'crackin on

A)  Aurora's PANEL 4.  ^^'

B)  Bella-sama's present.  ^^;

*wallows in shame*

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Hmm... that one looks simple enough... even though it's something I consider to be more of a banner than it would be logo. Still I like it... wonder if I'll ever make a logo proposal myself.

Meanwhile, I will simply let you guys up on the latest patch... V0.2.0!

--| House structure definition.
--| Shape editing.
--| Angle fixes.
--| Alignment fixes.
--| Implementation of tiles from CC's patch.

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Techno the fox

Hello FOSA members, I'm here!

First, as to Kiso's post regarding the Vistans.
There's plenty to go around.

Ninja "Visbou" Vistan - Windows Vista Basic
ChiiVistan - Windows Vista Ultimate
Sailor Fuku Vistan - ??
"Dark" Vistan - ??

This is what I mean when I say "Dark Vistan"

I don't see much of her, though she's one of my favorite vistan designs.

I've also seen a few more designs stalking about the gallery.

Which brings me to my next order of buisness.
Yes, the gallery seems to be down (or at least it was a little whie ago when I was browsing here on my PSP.

Another thing, for some reason I can't seem to download the .SVG files.
When I click on the "Download" button I get a popup page with a bunch on unitelligible babble in Red, Black, and Brown with words like "Inkscape" "SVG" "Style" and "Border" mixed in with alot of 1's and 0's.

Is something wrong with my computer? Or am I doing something wrong?


Oh... you must be using I.E. or a browser not compatible with SVG files. It is actually being read as an XML document (and SVSs are in fact a form of XML document) and thus you will see the text instead of Vecs (vectors).

You need Mozilla Firefox to view things from the browser. Anyways, I think you can save that from I.E. But you may have to manually change the file to SVG.

Another thing... I will present my concept project here, even though it can't really be considered FOSA project because it is more of my personal pet project. Still, it would wound up being FOSA team discussion in the future.
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Holy Crap-in-a-Box!!!  Everything looks so polished and orderly, you'd think we were already at FOSA Kitchen version 2.0!  ^____^

Also, thank you for stopping by Techno-san!!!  ^v^
Yeah, the gallery's being goofy again -- Tsubashi-san won't be able to fix it until at least Thursday, but it will be fixed no matter what.

And thank you, Kissu-san, for troubleshooting.  ^.^

I actually have to disappear for a few hours, so if you guys don't mind, hold the fort while I'm gone.  Bai ni!  ^.^

*gallops off*


Well bloody hell! Now we're getting somewhere, aren't we!?

Something's been on my mind, though - any idea on how to fix those flarps of text sticking out in the air? They're a bit disturbing.

Also, I think it's time to start sketching up character models, that we can add in later.

Techno the fox

Thanks Kiso, that trick of yours fixed it right up.
Yeah, I am running IE..I right click on the download button, save target as, all files, tack .svg onto the end and viola! It works.

HOLY SHNIKEY!!  *Dramatic classical music plays in the background*
*Duh---Duh---Duh--DAH DAH* AWESOME! Too much..for words..Whew..

*Comes to several miniutes later*

Awesome job everyone. Nice shading and design.

Hey, it's the NetBSD toaster!
Y'know what they say..All toasters toast toast.

The Next thing I notice is the fridge. "Linux on Fridgidair".
Then Ubuntu and the grocery list for ..among other things RAM.

I love how the Mods/Members make cameos in foods.
"C-Chan Sausage, Captain Brunch."

Yes, I'm going to start making contributions to it too, I can see the start of something beautiful. The FOSA ^_^.


After a long while of thinking, writing, and messing around with my concept... this is the little stuff I managed to gather up from my mind.

[NAME] <Software> <Version> <Variant>
Windows Vista Starter
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Ultimate

[ALIASES] - Nicknames, the way the characters are identified the most.







[HAIR, EYES & CLOTHING COLOR] - Mainly represents DVD cover colors. ((For "Starter" and "Enterprise" I will choose colors on my own.))

ST: Grayed White

HB: Light Green

HP: Green

BU: Blue

EN: Light Blue

UL: Black

[APPEARANCE] - Represents features.

ST: A young girl probably close to her teen years.

HB: Apparently a mid-late teenager, (nearly) identical twin to Home Premium.

HP: Apparently a mid-late teenager, (nearly) identical twin to Home Basic.

BU: A woman to be apparently in her mid twenties.

EN: A woman to be apparently in her late twenties.

UL: A girl in her late-teens/early-twenties.

[ATTIRE] - Represents graphical user interface.
For one reason or another, all of the Vistans share something in common, their taste for clothing. They all have the same clothes; however, they tend to wear stuff that would go to match by their personalities and preferences.

ST: Fairly simple outfits with no much flashy stuff.

HB: Conservative clothing. Designs identical to Home Premium's.

HP: Trendy casual clothing. Designs identical to Home Basic's.

BU: Professional-looking clothes; looking flashy, but never trying to make trend nor follow fads that religiously.

EN: Executive-like clothing, often seen carrying PDAs

UL: ???

[PERSONALITY] - Mainly represents kernel and program behavior.
The Vistans are well know for their ability to interact with people of many nationalities, being capable of speaking most (if not all) of the world most popular and important languages. If they can't understand someone's language... they just simply give a call to MS Scolar City Library to reserve a language book if available.

In general, these girls follow rules to the letter and are not easy to get, being defensive most of the time possible... event hough they do like to interact with the people around them, specially amongst themselves. However, when it comes to complete strangers, they really tend to ignore them almost as if they were not there. Neither of the Vistans will use stuff that are known, preferring the quality they provide no matter how much cheaper or "better" this unknown counterpart is. And even don't try to fool them, even young "Starter" will tell the difference by just looking at it's name.

As much as they are good with interaction, they are capable of interacting with much of anything. Media, office, and nay other devices are things they don't have hard time with, except for those that are "ancient" which they have trouble understanding, and dislike using them just for being old and preferring the newer ones that can do just that an more.

When it comes to other OS-tans, a Vistan is rather picky with who she would be hanging out with. They mostly enjoy each other's company, but they do find themselves to like spending time with others, most notably with the Unix (EN & UL have the closest relationships with them).

What they prefer to do?
The Vistans are a somewhat diverse group of sisters and all behave as they see fit in their collective standard thinking pattern. However, they all have thinking patterns that make them rather unique.

ST: The young girl, being the more modest of the group, she asily interacts with others and often tries to make the interaction between her and another person worth the effort. She is one to look up to her sister "Ultimate", seeing her as the role-model to follow, even more so than "Business" and "Enterprise"; this being so due to her noting the obvious genius that her sister possesses.

HB: Simple, what her sister likes... she doesn't... or at least on the most part. She is in part like "Starter" in terms of modesty, but at the same time she is somewhat arrogant. She has a habit of reading books (whether of art, literature, or anything she gets interest on) and researching. She likes to stay at home, preferring the comfort she is accustomed to. She is introverted, simply keeping silence when around people to either not call out attention to her, or often as a means to ignore those people she doesn't even want to know. However, she likes spending the most time with her twin sister "Premium", finding it to be the most enjoyable thing throughout the day.

HP: She is "Basic's" opposite, something bit of ironic when noted that they are actually twins. When compared to the rest of the tans, she is often seen as the hyperactive and extroverted tomboy of the group. She is one to do guy things like playing video games, tabletop games, sport games, listening to (and/or create) music with loud volume levels. Still, even with all the tomboyish stuff she does, she maintains herself as quite feminine (but mainly due to her physical appearance). Most of all, she is very considerate and pays most attention to her twin sister "Basic", preferring to be with her most than with her other sisters. It is notable in her arrogance, she being the casual show-off in most situations, and dislikes being taken off the stoplight, even more loosing at what she does best. These things irritate her more when her sister "Ultimate" is the one who does it, demonstrating sisterly love-hate feelings for her.

BU & EN: These two are the professionals of the Vista sisters. They are also the ones who keep the order and peace amongst themselves. It is notable that seeing these two together will mean conversations of money, auctions, the stock market... always talking business. However, "Business" is more independent than her sister "Enterprise", the former is used to go about things with her own small company while the latter deals with managing a large corporation. However, they often keep contact while working to help each other out find success (and likely the big loads of money). For a reason or another, they seem to keep track of "Starter" path making sure that she keeps up to date along with the "Home Twins", they being the most obvious “mother figures”.

UL: She may very well be the prodigy amongst the Vistans. The jack of all trades, and actually could be considered as master of all. This is relfected in her ability to understand and usually out match the other tans in their work. This Vistan though, is modest like "Starter" and "Basic" are, but seems to be one to know when to play arrogant or simply show off when encouraged enough. But more than that, she is rather introverted and the most safe-thinking person of the group; she often avoids unwanted contact with people and won't hesitate to make her personal space be kept personal.

When it comes to spending time with her sisters, “Ultimate” is indifferent of preference, spending time with either one in a sort of "first come, first serve" basis. However, she seems to be more encouraging towards young starter, often challenging her to do things that she considers to be out of her league; while for the "Home Twins" she simply treats them at their own level, unless she feels like making "Premium" mad in a moment of whims; but rather treats both “Business” and “Enterprise” with respect, being the most formal with them eve though often speaking to them in a more comfortable manner.

However this indifference brought is drawn to her seek friends outside of her local “world”, finding time with the UNIX girls to be actually enjoyable; she communicating with them rather well and also serving as the links between them and the Vista sisters.

[PHYSICAL ABILITY] â€" Mainly represents system requirements and software performance.








Also, there is something that came up to my mind as I continued work on my VISTAN-DEV project... also influence by another drawing I was making on Inkscape and the current Pilot FOSA project we are dealing with. We need to set a lot of ways to prevent object mess-ups.

One of these ways is to have a standard set of layers in order to have full view of the spaces that are available to the scene. I will take the current project as an example:

-Layer 1: Outside - Obviously to present the background out of the house through the windows. We got that one well.

-Layer 2: Architecture & Furniture 1 - This would apply to the right wall in the SVG as well as all it's furniture and junk.

-Layer 3: Character Layer A - This layer will be right on top of the A&F1, allowing characters to be fully placed anywhere on this layer and still be on top of the right wall's layer (cabinets, etc...).

-Layer 4: Achitecture & Furniture 2 - This applies to the left walls, allowing the characters on CLA to move to the non visible area of the kitchen.

-Layer 5: Character Layer B - This layer will allow characters to move in the area in front of the left wall and the furniture there (fridge, etc...).

-Layer 6: Architecture & Furniture 3 - This applies to the kitchen's island.

-Layer 7: Character Layer C - This layer will allow characters to move in the foreground, on top of all of the other layers.

That is just an example, but I know for sure there can even be more levels of customizations that could allow a much greater level of detail as well as layer unclogging. This would also allow us to create a lesser amount of character animations to allow a successful animation to occur... otherwise we would have to create a full character as well as endless "cut-out" versions for each process of the animation in order to complete the animation without problems. Just an idea though.

@N-O: Well... I can start vectorizing IMGs of characters I have... though... I only have [Vista/Longhorn]-tans downloaded. lol

No wait! Oh yeah, I remember!! I have that one MCE downloaded... and that folder of OS-tans. Man, I must be loosing my mind... forgetting stuff like that. >_<'
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Hi people!

Don't mind me, just stopping by to pay my respects.  ^___^

Nejin-san:  [cheering]  Yes, yes, we are getting bloody!  ^v^
The text is a problem because you probably don't have the same text that Bella-sama used in her computer.  Same problem happened with me and Aurora in those Xmas comics.  Either have her vectorize her font, or just change the font of it to something that looks at least halfway decent.  ^.^

Character model sketches would be great, but we'll keep them separate from the source art until we've agreed on who + doing what pose.

Techno-san:  Yay!  The Great Techno-san is now fully versed in the greatness-that-could-be-FOSA.  ^^
Plus you see how the lossless nature of vector graphics can make for some very neat, hilarious little easter eggs strewn all over the place.  ^.^

By all means, please contribute.  We're looking forward.  ^.^

Kiso:  First off, you need an avatar.  T__T
Second off,... HOLY HELL!  What detail!  ^v^
Can't guarantee the level of help we can offer during you ambitious VISTA recreation, but seems like you have all the bases covered anyway.  ^^

No doubt we will need more complex layering when the project becomes more and more complex.  Fortunately, there's also Grouping that can help micromanage small, complicated layers (in this case, such as food cans and cereals).  Most of my most complicated drawings were actually produced on a single layer (and with Grouping used to allow for easy selection and reediting).

An already thinking of Animation, aren't we?  I figured, since that's what you say you specialize in.  ^____^

Don't do too much with the character poses, though.  We still need to decide who will appear in the kitchen scene -- and trust me, we're not ones to necessarily make an all-Windows group.

(actually Ihad thought of such a Windows-only scene,... but basically involving the Windows kitchen being raided by hundreds of tiny little virus-tans, with most of the Windows-tans trying to stop them, and Viru-sama perched on the overhead doing some masterminding.... `v')

Okay, that's all for now.... C y'all later!  ^___^


CC, I need an avatar? Hmm... wonder what will I put in there.

Uhm... actually... I don't need much help in the design process of "my" (can't say I am truly making originals I guess) Vista family until I hit the imaging process... then you would be able to contribute if you feel like... but still I will keep it somewhat off-project unless people wish them ("my" Vistans) to be in the FOSA project.

Well, I guess it is true... object grouping does help, but that is mainly used to make a global selection of stuff within the layer so that people don't go selecting (plus editing and whatever) them one by one. The intent of this suggestion ins mainly that of keeping the image from having multiple "cut-outs"... it would help keep the file-size down.

Also, this would work out quite excellent with stills as well, this isn't something just for animations you know.

Worry not, (at least) I will not go over m head with animating... I mean, we're still getting used to doing a project like this to even be working on stuff that may be hard to get by some... even more with a program that still lack the power to make animations (last I checked).
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