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Started by C-Chan, January 18, 2008, 01:29:04 PM

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Actually N-O... uhm... technical issues are also part of a group project. As with  a pack of wolves or a group of lions; if one member is not fully functional, the group's productivity will be reduced.

Everyone has to be well and capable to do things fast, easy, and without trouble... productivity needs to be kept sane.
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Here here, Kissu-san!  ^v^

Funny how in the last 24 hours or so, we're the only ones still jumping on the Pilot Run.  ^^

No real rush,... maybe more people will hop on board once the image gets fleshed out a little more (which it has in the past 24 hours, coincidentally).  ^.^

In the words of your average torrent commentator....

"SEED MOAR!!!!!!!!"  ^V^

j/k, j/k....! ^v^

*reads up on Capoeira*

Aa sou!  yeah, that does look like fun!  Exercise, dance and martial arts all rolled into one!  Talk about value....  ^___^

In any event, glad you like the outside scene.  Sorry if I haven't finished my section on pattern fills yet in my tutorial, but when you do see how they work, you'll realize that the clouds are composed of only about 13-15 shapes only (and the plant about 5-6 shapes).  One shape with a pattern fill looks drab and artificial -- but gang them up into different sizes, angles and transparncies, and they start looking a lot more organic.  ^.^

Lots of little bits, contributing to one grand design,... sound familiar?  ^___^

Actually, it's the first time I try doing clouds using pattern fills,... but I imagine that with some blurring, they'll look about the same as my other method (using randomized stars).

In any event,... stand by for the FOSA kitchen's first ever EASTER EGG!!!  ^v^

*starts timer and draws*


I have a bit of spare time on hand...any ideas for what I can do with this pic to help out? Cause I've very little experience with interior drawing ^///^

Maybe I'll do more detail on the fixtures. I could perhaps change the colors (cause right now it's burning my retinas), or are we saving this for after?

And how will I post this picture?

QuoteAnyway, goodnight! And FYI, Capoeira is quite enjoyable, even after just 3 training sessions. :P

Capoeira sounds like a fitting sport for a Ninja/Pirate ;)


*pauses work for a second*

Yo Bella-san.  ^__^
I'll be doing an Easter Egg now, Kissu-san will be doing some cabinets, and Nejin-san's pretty much open-ended.

So that leaves you an entire kitchen to romp with.  ^.^

Perhaps to get rid of those eyesore colors, you can start work on a real fridge.  Feel free to turn it into the fridge of your dreams,... but don't forget, spend no more than an hour on this in one sitting!  `v'

(maximum, two sittings a day,... yeah, figured I'd lighten the rules a little in light of strong user interest)  ^.^

But ultimately, the point of this project is that you can contribute anywhere and in anyway your heart desires.   ^___^


Woohoo! I's gonna make me a stainless steel 'fridge!

Maybe a shiny granite countertop, too...

*feels like interior designer*


Okay, easter egg done!  ^___^

A lot of OSC humor embedded here,... sorry Kissu-san, you're too new to get most of the references, but maybe in time.  ^v^
Wanted to add more precision to the face, but ran out of time (and besides, for whatever reason, I couldn't access Thurosis-san's pictures in the gallery).  
The marshmallow shapes are taken from an older picture I worked on.  The Quacker logo is a small homage to Aurora-hime.  ^__^

Hope it's not taken the wrong way, but its purely a parody that I hope to see more of.  Just to make things fair, I demand I cameo in the picture to as a pork item of some sort.  ^___~

Oh btw, if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, it's cause the box is off-screen.  Figure I can't put it out without any cabinets (hint hint).  ^__________^;

QuoteWoohoo! I's gonna make me a stainless steel 'fridge!

Maybe a shiny granite countertop, too...

*feels like interior designer*

There ya go, Bella-sama!  That's more like it!  ^v^

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Aurora Borealis

WAAAAH! I can't see any of the new changes, nor can I download the svgs ;__;

Darn. I wanted to contribute and see those new changes.


What does it say when you click on the download button?  ^___^
(you're using Safari, no?)

Does right-clicking allow you to Save the Link location or something?

Aurora Borealis

I've tried downloading it using SeaMonkey but it only showed the original picture and didn't download and when I tried in Safari, it just displayed some cryptic message :(

Directly downloading as an svg doesn't work for me.


Wah?  @___@


Well okay,... how about when you Save Page As, or something.  Does it try saving it to an ".svg.xml" file or something?  If so, just remove the ".xml" part.

Added after 1 minutes:

Speaking of Gallery problems, Bella-sama's latest masterpieces are suffering from the same message as Thurosis' image:

There was an error while processing a database query

Tsubashi-dono, any clues?

Aurora Borealis

Now I got a successful download! Great job on the cereal box! ;010

Any ideas which characters will be in it? (Although I do have some ideas)


I take it you like the "Quacker" logo, no?  ^______________^

So far I'm leaving character selection open-ended,... perhaps waiting till there's a lot less "pastel" colors in the kitchen before seriously considering who should be featured.  My guess is a medley of characters, canon ones, OSC ones, ++ ones, virus-tans, and so forth.  But that's a long term goal, though,... just having two bake a cake or something should suffice.  ^.^

But you could make the case that there are now THREE OS-tan cameos in the picture already.  ^v^;

Added after 2 minutes:

Bear in mind that, just like with the cereal box, a lot of characters can make small cameo appearances on other food items (such as Aunt ME-tan's Rollcake Mix, or Solaris-sama's Vodka-Laced Egg Nog, and so forth).  ^_____^

Aurora Borealis

My first contributions!: Added in a package of sausages with C-Chan on the label, added in a few cabinets and added on to the refridgerator a little bit

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Gussy Keniji

Hm this seems like a good move here, mind If I attempt to jump on the bandwagon

Anywho here's what I have to offer

Gussy Keniji
lvl 19 Viru-King

Design- 27
-I excel in this category, plain n' simple, I've been told in the past that I have a nack for unique character design, and I've simply capatilized on this strength.

Reaserch- 20
-I'm naturally curious, so, when I;m not drawing, I spend most of my free time looking things up on the good ol' Wiki or informative sites.

CG- 19
-I have, believe it or not, several Image Editors on my comp (only Open Source ones I have are Inkscape and GIMP, my others are MSPaint, Ultimate Paint, and Corel Paint Shop Pro X). All of which I've toyed with and have a good understanding of. I've also worked with (and understand) Photoshop in a Graphics Art Class back in my High school days, most of the things I know was self taught, being our teacher wouldn't tell us squat about the program >_>

Writing- 17
-I've recently taken up on writing things, this was after my English teacher told me I had potential to be an author (despite me being that of an artist rather than a writer). I've been told my writings as far as the Virus-tans Backstories are concearned are very well thought out so I think I'm decent in this area. though my lowest stats out of the other 3, I still feel it can be of some use here

So there ya go, Also I will admit, my vector art isn't on par compared to my other draws, so I'd mostly hang out in the Writing, and Research categories for now until I get it together in the Vector region...or I could continue to draw stuff in GIMP if you all so desire



Thank you, Aurora-hime!!!!  The sausage, I feel, saves my bacon!  (pun intended)  ^v^

Gus-san, welcome aboard!  ^___^
I trust you read my FOSA Guidelines, no?  ^.^

I know you're definitely a valuable asset, given your many Virus-tan contributions.  I would want to avoid raster graphics if at all possible, given that we would need a Converter to turn that to a vector form, and we're understandably a bit short staffed.  

Plus I think you should give vector graphics in Inkscape another try, given that now -- thanks to the 1 hour per day limit -- you have more of a chance to approach this from a leisurely perspective.  Nothing overly-complicated is needed,... just minor little things here and there that will eventually build up to a very lively and very complete illustration when we're all done.  ^.^