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Started by VonDaab, December 21, 2007, 12:55:03 pm

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QuoteHopefully seeming more of these my inspire me into making some of my own OS stuff.

Sounds great!

We are a very creative bunch around here ;010


Happened on friday:
*VonDaab gets home and boots his computer*

VonD: "Gee, I wonder what the interwebs has to offer me today"
*Clicks on browser icon*

Web Operator(?): ..."Oh, No you le won't" *Disconnects*


The connection was cut off for 2½ days.
So I was without internet connection the weekend, how irritating.

Nevermind that.
I have been drawing, though nothing OS related.(in my opinion, there is no need for me to start posting irrelevant drawings in this thread)
At moment its my usual: No ideas ->No motivation ->Waste of time ->Annoyed ->Totaly not getting anything done ->Still annoyed.

Here I present a question, what way to go?
Any suggestions what to draw?

I've been testing the Mecha Musume thingie some. Currently, planning on
somekind of StuG III Ausf.G-tan, though StuG-tan has been already done like hundred of times.

Quote from: "Kiso"Hopefully seeming more of these my inspire me into making some of my own OS stuff.

*crashes thru a wall* OH YEAH!
It's always good with new art.
Inspiration? define it. Most people use the "lack of inspiration" just as a reason for their laziness. Henceforth, I have been using "lack of ideas" instead, eheh.

Gah! it's 00:48 and I already promised myself not to scan skribbles like this. meh, so this is some really early concept sketch of StuG-tan.
Some idea of making it bit more original by it being the StuG model that was in "wide" use in Finland in WW2.
I need to practice drawing tanks.


Oooh. Mecha musume. Hm hm hm -w-

If you want things to do, be sure to check in to the FOSA Preamble - hopefully we'll catch you there. Otherwise I have little ideas, and those I do have I hog for myself for the moment. -w-


Tiny tiny update.
Today on the way home I saw this one streetAdvertising with some lady dressed in a dress that looked like a bottle of some energy drink brand.
I came to think of "Energy drink-tan".
Lately I've been aswell playing on some Oekaki board, so I ended up making Energy drink-tan.


HOLY SMOKES!!!! Our very first Beverage-tan to boot!!!!!!!  @v@

Dang, VonDaab!  With all these pioneering feats, I'm gonna have to call you the Trailblazer soon.  ^____^'

This looks like an MSPaint job, so it's fabulously drawn in that context (and I do recall you have a bit of a cult following in the MSPaint thread, so  I think you know what I mean). That indentation around her waste freaks me out a bit though (like some invisible hand is pinchingher belly), but I assume that's from the shape of the energy drink bottle, no?  Would be nice to have her cap more visible, so it's easier to recognize that she's a sports drink.  ^.^

BTW, what's the brand name called?



It's made with an Oekaki software, not mspaint.
If this would've been a MSPaint drawing, then I would've made it much better. meh.

Yeah her waist thingie is the forms of the bottle.
Cap got cut of because of the size limitations the Oekaki canvas had.
The real world Bottle:

Yeah, it's called ED, Energy Drink. I've never tasted it because im not really into the energy drinks.
I made her logo she got on her chest "Ã-D". Just because I wasn't sure of the "copyright/advertising/or something issues" of the Oekaki site I originaly posted this picture on.


Trailblazer = "pioneer"

Oekaki, eh?


Aa sou,... now that you mention it, I do recall SleepyD talking about that every once in a while.  Very well, stand corrected -- looks fantastic for an Oekaki drawing.  -v-

*stares at bottle*

Yep, I knew it.  ^___^

Now you have to figure out which new pioneering effort you're gonna launch next....


    -ED Energy Drink


A drink-tan! I like her "cap" :P

BTW, did you draw your avatar?


Quote from: "Bella"BTW, did you draw your avatar?

That I did, Oekaki this one too.


Oooh, awesome! I really like the stylized look of it...


Pepsi-tan, fresh from the factory.


Let me guess,... Oekaki again, right?  ^____^

Haven't been a carbonated drink fan in decades, but doesn't mean I can't appreciate another cute beverage-tan.  This one has a more streamlined look (no visual tummy pinching) and visible cap -- and that trademark pout to your characters is still to die for.  ^__^

But whereas ED had a face that demanded cuddling, Pepsi-tan's expression very appropriately seems to say to me "I demand you pay me tribute in kidney stones!".  ^v^


Pout? My characters?

Yes, it's made with Oekaki.


StuG III AusfG-tan.

As a small note, even if this is the finnish version of the StuG, as far as I know none of them had the Armor "skirts".
I still added them because I like them.


You have Silentapproval, you art is immediatly accepted hello hey hello! :D  Or something like that. Keep up the good work, Von Daab.