The "Old games I still like to play" thread

Started by Gussy Keniji, November 29, 2007, 09:47:25 pm

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Gussy Keniji

As of late, due to my lack of 'Wii/XBox360/PS3/ANYthing of the next gen class, I've resorted to playing my old games (I'm surprised they still work).

In short, what're some of the old games we all like to play, just for that good ol' Nostalgia feelin'

Me? I re-played Super Mario World and All-Stars a couple times And have even gone so far as to dust off my Game Gear (lol, I actually have one of those) and play some 'Tails Adventure'

So c'mon let's share shall we



i still play doom on a regular basis.  classic and still fun.  That and ive been playing castlvania SOTN alot recently, trying to get achivements on my 360 for a game i love
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...there's an old NES in my house. I found it once (sometime 'round 2002) in a garbage room. Fully functional, and with two controllers and an extra game and all. (That was Top Gun, if you'd like to know.)
I got slightly mad at the people who'd done this to this fine piece of hardware, but then I thought like, oh whatever, and traded the garbage I was holding for a nice old retro console. Since we'd had one NES before (which unfortunately had broke, though) we had some more games at home, and since then it's been a lot of Super Mario Bros 3 around here.


(Unfortunately ALL my various gameboy variants are broken, so I can't play pokemon ;_;)


Quote from: "NejinOniwa"Fully functional

There is no such thing as broken NES.

It still got my NES at the tv, between the gamecube and the PS2. My N64 is at moment not there because of the lack of space.
Wasn't so long ago when I played Barker Bill's Trick Shooting on the NES.
Zapper gun FTW!
Too bad the other controllers A-button is broken because of excessive International track&field playing, heh.
Kinda dissapointing how I never got around getting Super mario bros. 3.
Nowadays they cost pretty much, for being a 17 year old game.

Wonder if my savestate is still alive on my pokemon blue?
Very long time since I played that game. Got game boy pocket just because of that game, later I was stupid and sold it, only to get the game boy advance.

Still, my ultimate favorite old videogames got to be Snakes Rattle&Roll and Kung-Fu on the NES.


QuoteWonder if my savestate is still alive on my pokemon blue?
Very long time since I played that game. Got game boy pocket just because of that game, later I was stupid and sold it, only to get the game boy advance.

Ha! I actually made it and got all the 150 pokemons on that one. GUESS if i was proud, being some 9 years old and all... ^-^

Added after 31 seconds:

Oh, and it should be. Mine still are, and i've had it since it was released. ^-^

Gussy Keniji

My cousin used to have an NES, but he sold it. we used to play Bubble Bobble on that thing...good times...

my N64 is still hooked up with Conkers Bad Fur Day still in it, in which case I play time n' time again.

I still have the original PS, (I have no idea where I put it last, lol) in which I Speed Run on Crash Bandicoot to see how far I can go (secrets n' all) without saving

Hm, I still have Pokemon Yellow, don't know how far in it I am though...only a lvl 76 Pikachu and an unstoppable Nidoking come to mind. My savestate for Pokemon Silver went kaput sometime ago...which is sad, cuz I had over 113 pokemon in it (most of which were Pokemon I had to trade over from Gold which was a real pain...I hate trading...)



I still play the first Tekken games every now and then, I also play through Xenogears sometimes.

Techno the fox

I have quite a few consoles, I'm a bit of a collector in that sence.

NES - Works, some games refuse to play such as my copy of super mario bros 3, some work fine, like Ninja Gaiden

Super NES - Works fine, I lost a controller a while back when my pet rabbit got out of the cage and chewed clean through it. I had another one though.

N64 - Works, A while ago I traded my original N64 for a Neo-orange unit they had at gamestop. Everything works fine, one of the best reliable systems I've ever owned

Gamecube - Works, not that old, I have three controlers for it, one of which stopped working recently

Wii - Works, perhaps my favorite of the current Next-gen consoles, no problems yet.

Sega Genesis - I have two of these, An original genesis which no longer works, and a "Genesis 2" model which is just a tiny bit smaller it works great, the power cord gets HOT though if you play it for too long.

Sega Saturn - Works, Though there's this odd feedback sound on the tv when the disc is reading sometimes.

Sega Gamegear - Doesn't work, this never really worked to begin with, I got it at a thrift shop, where some Idiot had left the batteries in for far too long, they were still there. Some of the leaked acid from them got on the 1 and 2 button's internal terminal. In my attempt to get it apart to clean this I accidently broke the Lcd screen -_- rest in peace.

Nintendo VirtualBoy - Unknown, I have two of these, one's controller is broke. The same reason as the gamegear is, the last owner left the batteries in too long, and they destroyed the power terminals in the controler. (yes, the virtualboy's controller is it's powersource)
The controller un-plugs from the system however, and the console itself is in good condition. I have another controller that came with my second VB system along with a Ac/dc adaptor to plug it in. However I can't determine if they work or not because I have no games for them.
I have..
2 Consoles
2 Controlers
1 Stand
1 outlet adaptor

Nintendo Gameboy - Works I have two of these, the original grey giant that takes four AA cells. Both work fine.

Nintendo Gameboy Pocket - Works, Only one of these, Yellow in color works fine. Takes two AAA cells which don't really last a long time in it.

Nintendo Gameboy Color - Works, I have two of these, One Neo-purple (which is basicly transparent purple) and one yellow, both work, but I've lost the little door that keeps the batteries from falling out, not to worry, they still stay in there pretty good

Nintendo Gameboy Advance - Works, I have two of these, one in "Glacier" which is a neat hazy white-purple color. the other is "Special Platinum Edition" Both work fine. But they tend to eat batteries like....Some big fat battery eating thing..

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP - Semi Works, By which I mean The screen is broke, the actual inner workings of the SP are fine, when you turn it on you can still hear the game running and doing things, sound effects, music, even the buttons still work. but the screen is broke. It just stopped working one day when I accidently dropped it..No dead pixels, or looming black globs of liquid crystals.

Sony Playstation - Works, The original gray PSX still works fine.

Sony PSOne - Works, The remake of the PSX in a sleek white design, works good.

Sony Playstation 2 - works, Poor thing is on it's last leg.. The hinge on the disc tray door broke, the prong on the cover not the tray itself, so any "replacement cover" would fix this. however it's lost the little plastic things that secure the contoler prongs, so I often have to push controllers up at an angle to get them working. Just recently It's stopped reading discs, When I put a disc in it'll start whirring and reading like it should, though this silence is broken by a loud *POP POP* noise that often clicks three or four times. Sometimes It just refuses to read certain discs, such is the case of "Bionicle, The game" the disc itself if fine, but the PS2 won't read it.."Disc read error"

Sony PSP - Works great, got it last year, It amazes me  just awesome.
I love the internet browser *which shows up as a type of netscape* 7.0 i think.

Nintendo DS - Works Great. I got it a year or two ago, no flaws or glitches.
Mostly because I'm very gentle and caring with my systems, most the kids who end up breaking their touch screens and screen hinges are just brutes with it...

I own most of the Mario and Sonic series games, Including the harder to find ones like Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic R.

Fun fact: Did you know that the "Thing" we got here in the US wasn't the original Super Mario Bros 2? It was a ripoff of another game, nintendo just replaced some of the sprites. Same music. The Irate Gamer did a special on it. The Original "Super Mario Bros 2" was only released in japan. Nintendo thought it'd be "Too similar" or something so they ripped off another game *I think it was doki doki panic or something such* and marketed it as "Super Mario Bros 2"

The original was later released everywhere else under the name "Super Mario Bros, the Lost levels" in Super Mario Bros All stars on the SNES.
It's also now available for download in the Wii shop channel. If you have wii points that is...

Aurora Borealis

That's right! The Super Mario Bros. 2 (later released in Japan as "Super Mario Brothers USA") game that was released in the US is a remake from an unrelated game called "Dream Factory Doki Doki Panic". It is just like that game but with slightly improved graphics and replacing some of the characters with Mario characters.

Because it is a remake of an unrelated game, that is why SMB2 has such a different plot from the other SMB games (Peach does not need to be saved, she is a playable character, plot involves going into a dream world, throwing vegetables) and is the "odd one out".

Also, some of the characters that are now in the Mario series are actually from Doki Doki Panic! (including Phanto, Shy Guy, Pidgit and Birdo)

The "Lost Levels" game wasn't released outside of Japan because it is almost just like the original but much more difficult and probably wouldn't have sold well.




My favoryte of all times is the original NES Tetris, I still have my Family Computer (NES, In Argentina is called Family) with a few cartidges with this very good game, some time i lost a few hours playing it.

For the PC Gmaes i don't have any favorite game, I like play any tipe of game except Sports, for the rest Arcade, Action, Strategy, racing, etc i like a lot!!! :)
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I admit it: sometimes, I boot up a windows-box (at my parents) and play endorfun  ;105 ;107

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


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I know, I know... I am getting inspiration for a clone for Linux... k? BTW: I'd be glad if you had a better name than Mimd for it....

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


RIVER CITY RANSOM! CASTLEVANIA ! COMMANDO! jajajaja, and some others from commodore 64 like FORBIDEN FOREST, ARCHON... well, i like a lot. jajajajaja.
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