OS-Tan Animated Desktop Assistant Project

Started by deusprogrammer, September 06, 2007, 10:16:13 pm

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"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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Good job.

Pretty, If I say myself :P

Though, I think it's a bit too large, it doesn't fit in my screen completely (or takes a really large space of the screen =/).Maybe you could add an option for choosing between a large and a small resolution.

Sorry for not being of help with the animation, I didn't saw your message =/.

Now, for the ones who don't have Vista, this is how it looks @ V1.0:


I was trying to adjust it for my resolution and my resolution is 1680x1050.

I'll try to make a version for your resolution soon. I'll only make a separate custom version for a particular resolution because there's a small problem with legs. If you allow some space above the gadget, the next time you start your computer Vista will automatically move it up so that legs are no longer behind the task bar. The only way around that is to make it occupy all screen height. So in my case all the space you see above her head is actually a part of the gadget, just invisible.


Protip! Record a video of it in action. Stills are a bit meh for something that moves.

Also, anyone know of a way to make this compatible with other platforms?


Bah, we are windows, we dont need to make stuff compatible for you >: D
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


Then that goes for you too, fellow non-vista user...



Quoteanyone know of a way to make this compatible with other platforms?

Seconded =/


Here's a thread about running Vista gadgets on XP.
Sorry, don't have time to look more into this.


Neato, boy. You've really got things prepared, don't you!


Small version of Vistan 1.0 for 1280x800 screen:

And an update for the big version. Fixed a little bug and adjusted for 1680x1050 screen:

Do not allow both versions to be installed at the same time. If you remove one and install another right away you might get a weird result. Restarting computer will fix that. I'll try to look into why this happens.




Working on a similar but newer Vis-tan picture that hopefully will be easier to use for simple (SIMPLE) small movements.


Artists wanted, eh? I see that the thread starter isn't active anymore, but I'll speak anyway.
Here is my second attempt on drawing a girl:
I could color her and animate her face (and maybe arms and some slight body movements). I've done such things before:
But I don't know of any programs, exept "Screen Mate Builder", which is shareware and does absolutely nothing exept giving a .gif file a ball-from-break-the-blocks-game-like movements.

...so, what do you think?


Version 1.1 ready!
Big version here:
Small here:

Now you don't have to worry about screen resolution. Just choose which size of Vis-tan you want and the program will adjust itself to fit your screen. Also running one version after another is ok now, as promised. Still bad idea to have them both installed.
Completely rewrote the engine. Now I can change the body during program execution as well as draw things on top (eyes for example). This is about as much as I can do myself until I start getting some new graphics.


Hey Zilka.. i wanted first of all to thank you in the name of all the Otaku / Computer Moe's of the world..

And i wanted to encourage you to keep up the good job.. since you are the only source of something nearly close to the Xp- Viral Tan that is circulating thru Youtube and all Forums...

Is there any way that we could support your work?


----- Edit----
For the ones that don't have WIndows Vista just download this http://rapidshare.com/files/15275059/BioSidebar.rar

And you can run the Vista Side Bar to see this beauty!!


I'm very happy to hear this! Thank you!!!
I'm aware that there hasn't been any progress with Vis-tan for some time. Basically I'm waiting for Darknight to show up. I thought he will be back in August, but he hasn't showed up yet. Hope he'll be back determined to help our desktops fill with cuteness!
I was thinking about having a trigger for a user being away from keyboard for say 10 minutes. Screensaver and Skype for example are able to do this no problem, but I haven't found a way yet to do this with sidebar gadget. People at Microsoft are lazy as usual, suggest to look for screensaver showing up in the processes, but thats just stupid, I want the gadget to do something instead of screensaver. Just thought there could be someone passing by who would happen to know another way to monitor AFK for sidebar gadget.