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Started by NewYinzer, July 29, 2007, 08:25:14 PM

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Back in the day, when I lurked on, they used to play a game called "Name that Airport". The game involved airports, but it can be adapted to suit any purpose. In this game goes a little like this:
- One guy posts a picture of an anime show or movie
- The next person guesses, and posts a new image for the next person to guess
- If someone is wrong, then someone else points it out

I'm sure that we can get the kinks out after a few tries, so I'll start out with an easy one:


My my, aren't you lovely~


The ecchi ninja anime, 2x2 Shinobuden! ^o^

Did everyone else just miss this, or is it really more obscure than I thought? :p


the maid uniform look familiar. is it mahoromatic?

*i'll post my image after got the answer


sorry acher13. its Hanaukyo Maido tai!

Is shinobuden really that ecchi?

I think Hanaukyo Maids is ecchier! WAI!

now for the next. Icelilly-san should like this one.

My my, aren't you lovely~


okay this one i know!!!

this should do.


Quote from: "zjhentohlauedy"Icelilly-san should like this one.

OMFG. *_______* IT'S OURAN HIGH. *O*
Does Ouran High have teh yaoi goodness? X3

Back on topic....

I really don't know... I've never seen any of those characters in my life. O_O;


Full Metal panic: The Second Raid OVA

How 'bout this:


Oh sh*t. I really don't know. I'm gonna take a wild guess: Trinity Blood?


Well, that one is obvious: Lucky Star
and I'm rather certain you are right about Trinity blood, Yinzer-san ^__^

Who knows this one?


WAHO!!!!! Snow fairy Sugar!!!



My my, aren't you lovely~


Yakitate Japan, I think...

Recognize this one?


Vampire Princess Miyu I believe

Let's see if you know this good doctor.


Oh that looks familiar.  A wild guess would be Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu?

Edit:  Sorry, I tought it was guess, wait for confirmation and post pic.  Here's a pic.


you need to put a picture silentbob-san!

Wow! Vampire princess miyu!!!

Ahh. the good old days. i remember watching that in highschool. it was the first anime I watched in vcd format....

And of course Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Gu! How could i not know the doctor! hahahaah
My my, aren't you lovely~