Is there anybody watching Lucky Star?

Started by Lovee, June 11, 2007, 12:15:58 pm

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I think my signature says everything....Kagami, greatest LS character for me.

and yeah, I like LS. Not the best show of the season, but really amusing.

en! it's really difficult to choose a favourite character desune!^ ^

Favorite Main characters:
1) Kagami
2) Konata
3) Tsukasa
4) Miyuki

personally, not that difficult. At least for the first episodes, Konata didn't appealed at all to me =/ . The kagami vs Konata clashes were funny, but I laughed ONLY due to Kagami reactions. The rest of episodes, Konata seems to be more appealing, but Kagami still owns the show IMHO.
Tsukasa. Dunno. Kinda meh, but kinda like her. balsamic vinegar~ moe...I'm gonna di--- not really my favorita character.

As for side characters, my list would go:
1) The Animate store manager at ep 10...he's just AWESOME. And he is voiced by the same guy that acts as Sousuke in Full Metal Panic! :D
2) Cousin Yui is more awesome.
3) Konata's dad

Waiting for [a.f.k.] to release episode 12...hopefully the rumors about them dropping LS are wrong >_<


This is one my favorite recent anime to watch. In the words of a friend of mine, it stole my soul. It's so simple but funny. It's really refreshing to get away from a deep or long storyline for awhile.


oh god.. another one.  we gotta start spraying for these...
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Ho-ho-ho-ho, and phear mai torrent-no-jutsu, DLing in Oxnard, yar. -w-

Oh and also, I've changed my favorite character. Now It's all about...


Raffaele the Amigan

No, I am not seeing it...

But in the future I think I will purchase it (or I will wait until it passes on my local TVs), because there are truly lots of people who gave Lucky Star a very good apprecciation.

And if all these people apprecciate it, then Lucky Star must be really good.  ;019
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so far a favourite amongst my collection XD and have to agree with NejinOniwa~! The KonataXKagami clashes are the funniest bits to watch... then again I love the little bits where Miyuki and her mother have their moments XD lol telemarketers...


Well it's been a long time since I posted in this forum about Lucky Star. Let's see what's changed since then:

The new:
* After the first few eps the series does pick up considerably. It is now, imo, recommendable.
* This said, it's still debatable if it's really worth watching the first few eps to get to the decent parts.
* I don't think I mentioned this last time, but the art is nice. Not CLAMP-style win but certainly not Air/Kanon-style fail either.
* There is simply better out there this season. If you watch a lot of anime, then sure, it's worth a shot if only to see what the fuss is all about. But if you don't watch much (maybe cos of time constraints or something), look elsewhere. Seto no Hanayome for instance.
* The new characters introduced recently really add nothing to the series except more "parodies". I use "sarcastic speech marks" there because good parody is subtle. Lucky Star's parody is about as subtle as a brick.
* The voyeuristic side of Lucky Star's plot, basically following a group of friends around, is starting to remind me of Big Brother and other reality TV. Originally Big Brother was interesting, in a weird kinda way. Then there was another one. And another. And another. Until eventually anything even remotely interesting about it was buried under a pile of "been there, done that". I really hope Lucky Star doesn't get more new seasons ad nauseum too.

The old:
* Lucky Star is still massively overrated. Many people liken it to Azumanga. They are wrong. Azumanga is epic win. Lucky Star is not.
* It is nowhere near approaching my top 10.
* It still poaches plots from other series.
* It still makes up for lack of originality by "parody" and otaku easter eggs.
* Having two good characters does not a quality cast make. I do empathise with Capt though, Konata is starting to get on my nerves too :p Kagami is far and away the best character in it imo, though Konata's dad has his moments too.
* Imo this series would have been better as a 12/13 part series and cut out all the superfluous and unfunny crap. Ok you like talking about food. Guys, WE GET IT. You could have left it at a couple of mins in ONE ep. They seem to have spent at least a whole eps worth of time talking about food over the course of the series. And that's just so far. I'm sure there's time for another convo about the subtleties of curry sometime before the end. Christ.
* Did I mention I really hate those food scenes?

So to summarise: occasionally funny, never outstanding. Overrated and, ultimately, forgettable. Worth watching if you have the time, but there is better out there. Nidas gives it 6/10

In before flames :p


I'd be a terrible critic. XD; I like a lot of things.

I only watch Lucky Star when I'm in the mood for it. Namely, on a really lazy, hot summer day. XD;
I kinda like it when they talk about pointless things... like the food. I mean, it's not laugh-out-loud funny, I enjoy it somehow though. Don't ask why, I don't know the reason myself. ^^

Kagami rocks. :3
I don't mind Konata much I share her laziness and of course, some of her otaku-ness. ^^
And as for the new characters, I remember relating to Hiyori (the "perverted artist" haha) when she mentioned her pencil and stuff. ^^
The other ones.... not so much. But I'm pretty sure I'll remember Hiyori. XD

I think it depends... if you can't relate to any of the characters, it can't be enjoyable.  Most of the time we're just going "wtf" like Kagami. XD; Which is why I think she's popular. :3


...did I mention there'll be a second season yet?


what?! you serious!? info got where?!?!?! XD


mheheheheheh -w-
Kinsoku jikou desu ^^

(no but seriously, nothing's official yet but since the fifth volume of the manga just came out and is still being released, and the anime covers like the first 4-something volumes, it's just logical. Although it'll prolly be a while til it happens, since KyoAni already has 78-ish bloody project on their hands, like CLANNAD, Haruhi S2 (BY THE HOLY EMPRESS, YES! YES!! YES!!!), FMP 4, and so on...

Added after 51 seconds:

...then again, that wait'll prolly be just for the better since then the manga will have gotten further. Hooray for material!)

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Oh yeah, discussion is here.



I am seeing it and i enjoy it alot

sorry about my english


necros XD

in anycase i watched lucky star last year. never got to finish it ._.
My my, aren't you lovely~


oh hell yes I love this one sooooo much!!!!