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Started by Xeon, June 11, 2007, 09:54:24 AM

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Well basically post all the tools on your computer that you can't live without or are usefull :D also please tell what they do. if they are free or not.

Orbit Downloader *Free*
IMAO this is one of the best download managers out there it can download flash download from youtube and other video sites and well its free.

Total Video Converter *Sharewhare*
A good converter converts flv. mkv. mp3. or whatever pretty nicely althought the trial version puts a annoying water mark on the top right of the video its still a nice converter.

Photoshop *Trial* Gimp *Free* Coral Paint Shop Pro *Trial*
Well basically there all the same besides a few differences, there all great image editors .

Animation GIF Wizard *Sharewhare*
Good GIF maker perfect well thats basically it.

Perfect Macro Recorder *Sharewhare*
A Macro recorder which records everything u do on your computer and a re act it well its basically OTHER purposes i still recommend it if you are looking for a Macro Recorder

Well i hope people post some other usefull tools here :3

Them be the Velvets. They are made of Velvets and Megidolaon.


Inkscape - free open source vector graphics editor. Latest version already outdoes Illustrator, and has enough photorealistic potential to replace raster-based postprocessing (such as in Photoshop).  

Firefox - free open source web browser (this is so popular now, people often forget to mention it).  ^^

GIMPshop -- Free open source image editor.  For Photoshop migrants that can't get used to the GIMP interface.  

Krita -- Free open source image editor.  For Photoshop migrants that want to try something else besides GIMP.  Not quite as fully-functional, but it's getting there.
Linux-only, however.... -v-

Audacity -- Free open source audio editor.  An excellent Sound Forge replacement.

Open Office -- Free open source office suite.  A good first step towards weening yourself off M$ Office products (before they dreaded 2007 becomes mandated).
Cross-platform (or will be once OSX support is finalized).

k3b -- Free open source CD burning tool. Surprisingly well-featured and polished.
Linux-only, however....  -.-

kTorrent -- Free open source torrent manager.  The best uTorrent alternative that I know of.
Linux-only,... Azureus is cross-platform and has similar features, but is too SLOW and RAM hungry for me to recommend it....  ^^;

Stellarium -- Free open source virtual planetarium.  Just in case you like astronomy or want to impress some friends.  There is another program that's almost like Google Earth but with the univrse, but at the moment I can't recall its name....
Cross-platform (I think).

Nvu -- Free open source HTML editor.  No longer supported I think (probably due to the emergence of blogs?), but still the best Dreamweaver alternative.

VLC Player -- Free open source multimedia player.  There's literally nothing this thing can't play.  ^v^

Those are the only ones I recall at the moment.  -v-


QuoteVLC Player -- Free open source multimedia player. There's literally nothing this thing can't play. ^v^

Perfect for using with Mozilla Firefox and VideoDownloader to download YouTube videos!


Stellarium is cross-platform yes, senpai. Although i never installed it i recall dl'ing it a few weeks ago in order to.
Well here i go...

BitComet - I don't like torrents much, but this one does at least work properly. And show most stuff it does. And doesn't kill me. Um.

Media Player Classic - Sleek, small, powerful, fast, and generally awesome.

DAEMONtools - Image mounting software, mounts images of and simulates virtual CD/DVD drives.

Winamp with ml_ipod - I think you all know what winamp is, but ml_ipod is an enhanced (opensource!) ipod management interface plugin, built as a replacement both for the bundled-in nullsoft pmp_ipod, AND even iTunes itself. I love you!

AOA MP4 Converter - this is what i use for converting all my anime to iPod compatible format, and then use ml_ipod to transfer it. mawssu. -w-

Nero 7 Premium - This thing burns stuff. And it does it good.

StyleXP and DesktopX - Well, not the same suite, but they're the stuff i fancify my GUI with. phahahahaha -w-

And lastly but absolutely not least,

DC++ - The pinnacle of download management, and my always-beloved piece of software. It's a bit hard at the start, but is quite easy to comprehend after a while. It uses ADC protocol, but also utilizes the Direct Connect hub network, and is a REALLY good program, especially if you're lucky enough to have a high-speed internet connection (like me -w-). It is available for download at - open source glory, if i haven't said so yet - and a BIG list of hubs is easily available at for convenience.

Also i ofc use VLC and GIMP, but those have been mentioned already so no description is needed. -w- And i actually use Office 2003 instead of OO...although i have the latter installed as well. -w-


QuoteBitComet - I don't like torrents much, but this one does at least work properly. And show most stuff it does. And doesn't kill me. Um. [/quote}

I like uTorrent better. It consumes less system memory, allowing me to run more applications at the same time. And it's free.

Speaking of free stuff, Apple now wants to port its Safari Browser to Windows to compete with IE and Firefox:

Mozilla fans unite! We will bury Mac! All hail free computing!


Indeed. All they possibly can compete with against FF is their "speed"...yeah right. A closed-source browser without FF's expandability will never win the browser war.


I hate to trounce on Safari, but I've got no choice....  -.-

"When in doubt, always err on the side of empowerment." -v-

On the other hand, like Opera, Safari might be more successful at stealing market share from IE7, so if that's the case I'm cool with it.  ^^

BTW, don't forget to mention that DC++ has its own App-tan.  ^.^


Fufufufufufufu~ -w- Sou, sou! (Maybe i should get my lazy @ss off and start drawing more stuff? Nyan .w.) Anyone tried it out yet, btw?


hmmm, C-Chan already named quite a few... Some nice tools for me are

links (a text-only browser for Linux)
irssi (a powerful textmode IRC client)
mcabber (a jabber client, running in textmode), Konqueror (a multifunction tool, which I use as browser, filemanager, FTP-client and viewer for various file formats)
ktorrent (yet another bittorrent client)
aKregator (mmmmmhhh, RSS-feeds)
ogg123 (spartanic ogg-vorbis player).

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!

Alex Stankevitch

7zip = A free alternative to WinZIP and WinRAR. Brilliant tool with its own file format.


TCMP - the core media player: many say that is slow.. I think it's the best (and free) video player you can find.. I think it's so much better than VLC, but after all it's my opinion :P


Hmm i always thought winrar was free well besides the annoying pop up

Swiff Player *Free*
Well its just technically a flash player but you can stream and cheat on flash games.

Sid Video Cutter & Splitter *Sharewhare*
A video cutter editor splitter also able to combine videos together.

Amnesty Generator *Free*
A program that is able to change any flash,widget,video into a sidebar gadget me likey :D sadly Vista only however

ATITool *Free*
A program that can overcloak your 3d card works on both nvidia and Ati cards and most of all works on vista YAY!.

URL Helper *Sharewhare*
Use to find links from your current web page (like finding the link for a flash that has its link hidden so you can download it)

Microsoft Applocale
Lets you run a program with a different unicode i use it to play some foreign games, if the name doesnt give it away its windows only however.

Firefox addons *Free i think*

lets you choose which program to open,download the file your downloading *like lets you choose to open a torrent file with bitcomet*

Video Downloader
Download videos from videos sites like you tube (i dont use it thought since i prefer just using orbit downloader)

Them be the Velvets. They are made of Velvets and Megidolaon.


QuoteSpeaking of free stuff, Apple now wants to port its Safari Browser to Windows to compete with IE and Firefox:

Mozilla fans unite! We will bury Mac! All hail free computing!

They did...and from what I heard, it was giving some Windows and Mac user a heck of a time...I think I read six security breaches were found in the Windows one in the first few hours, but it was a beta release, so it's fixed now...
However, I do love Firefox, so I'm staying with this.  ;010


I have to say, feature-wise, Safari will probably never be able to compete with Firefox. Firefox is simply more expandable. Still it's not a secret that Firefox requires quite a bit of RAM when one has a lot of tabs. Plus, there is a noticeable difference in loading times on both platforms.

Honestly, I don't care either way. I use both in alternation, depending on date, features needed, system running, and a random number generator! ^__^


wincustomize: bootskin.-free-
create your own boot screen using photoshop then patch it without hacking the system