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Introduction to OS-tans

Started by Bella, April 22, 2007, 05:26:57 pm

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Meiko Taniguchi

Looked around on Wikipedia wondering what Wikipe-tan was.
Then I found you guys.
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I saw OS-Tan many times but I didn't give it much importance, because I thought of it like a singular case... Well, I was just wandering looking for Wii, and I found Console Girls... Googling around I found OS-Tan (I thought they were really cute!!!)... Eventually in Wikipedia I found this wonderful site!!!
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Hmm~ looks like we owe a lot to Wikipe-tan as for bringing in members...thanksgiving time maybe? ^-^


Bouncing XP-tan flash
troubled Windows flash
Google search
then this site :D


Well I actually saw a OS-tan without knowing what it was, several months later I stumbled upon the XP-tan flash startup screen.  After searching I canme upon this site.

Techno the fox

I've been a fan of M.U.G.E.N for a few years...And so evenutally I came across 2chan's mugen "Nijikaku" and Found the best char in the entire game (In my opinion at least) was 2K-Tan, Then eventually I heard someone in another Mugen forum us the word "Os-tan" Searches on google Led me here...and the rest is history


I stumbled apon a XP tan picture whilst flipping through the random article button.
:D thats how I found out.
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I found them while on waka chan and had to find out more about them.


I was at my friends house one day and I saw an anime-esc girl(2k) with the windows logo, covered in, well... Anyway I was curious as to the origin of the pic and asked my friend if It was an official windows ad. (they sure caught my interest). He laughed and said no. I later looked into it on the net and eventually found this site.


Quickly found it through Wiki. I was looking through some Harem Animes, and some OS things, and I found this. Can't remember to clearly, but yeah, Wikipedia is AWESOME.... ;010


so umm i liked anime so i searched anime on wikipedia
then i saw wikipe-tan
then i saw os-tan
then i saw this site
Neptune: the OS that never was


I found myself about OS-tan quite similarly with you all.. I found it while searching randomly to Wiki.. (kinda forgot what exactly i look was..-_- )
BUt i do remember when, i found about the OS-tan 'TV opening' like video. in youtube.. I really though that the OS-Tan was made into anime.. and though ' How could i miss this anime??' ^_^


quite by chance I found a folder labeled "Operative System Girls" while browsing someones filelist on DC++, looking for Postal 2.
I thought "hmmm interesting"and downloaded it, liked it -a lot- and asked my big friend Google if she knew anything about this phenomenon, she told me to go to this site and 750 pics later, here I am a registered user hooked on OS-tans :D
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[Img disabled by Fedora-Tan]
Thanks Fedora-sama
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I was on a forum and a member created a poll about os-tan and had a link to this website.
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Oh, it's good question. I search with google 'linux anime girls' (I like anime and I like Linux ^_^). I found them on the some blog, I don't remember. And, by the one of the links, I found OS-tan on the wikipedia.
Thanks to this site and all people who draw OS-tans! I download more than 700 images, they are so cute!