What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 pm

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Weed machine is a good name. 420 blaze it man.


My main laptop is a ThinkPad T420; I chose it because it was the last generation to have a classic style keyboard, and also because weed memes LOL

Performa Classic

I had a Dell Latitude E5500 that my mom kinda stole from her old boss. It was my first laptop. I actually wanted it because I thought it was a retro laptop, as my mom described it as really slow, and it had XP on it. It actually was a Vista-era laptop, so I figure I'd throw Linux on it.

Linux works fine, though distrohopping on the thing was a nightmare. This is because I had limited ethernet access at the time, and it had that Broadcom Wi-Fi chip. It honestly wouldn't be as painful now that I have all the ethernet ports to myself, but I already broke it by trying to clean it.


Main/gaming rig:
Homemade, ca. 2019
2.8 GHz Intel i5-8400
Nvida RTX 2060
Windows 10
Built this because I was tired of playing games on low quality and still getting crappy framerates on my old potato of a desktop (see below), and because I'd always wanted to build my own computer ... not disappointed, it was a blast to make and it seems to be handling my games fine.

Asus K510 15.6'', ca. 2016
2.5GHz i7-6500
Nvida GTX 960
Windows 10
Used this as my development machine when I was as school. Now it's mostly my streaming computer or the thing I take along on trips.

Other Desktop:
Mac Pro, ca. 2012
3.33GHz Xeon W3680
1TB SSD (main)
Windows 10 (main)
This was my main rig, it cycled through a few OSes but I'd been running Windows on it near-exclusively since its Mac drive started to die a few years back. I'd like to find a way to repurpose it but I don't know how I will since I don't have the desk space for multiple computers, and don't really need/use OSX anymore.

Bonus - Work Laptop:
Macbook Pro
2.6 GHz i7
Radeon Pro 560X
High Sierra
This is "my" development computer. It's pretty nice but I think it's been overheating lately.


Nice. I sadly haven't built another desktop since 2kME-tan (Which was recently revived as something to experiment with; running Windows XP x64 Edition nicely, as a machine for playing older Windows games).