What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 pm

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Quote from: Aurora Borealis on June 03, 2011, 05:27:29 pm
I'm trying not to be serious business, but part of me hates Unix because it killed off so much of its competition. T_T

Surprisingly, I'm impartial to UNIX as a whole. I'm the flip-side of the coin from Bellz0rz.


I've never used Unix (Unless that's what the computer catalog at the library used to run on back in the mid '90s), but I do think it's cool how long it's been around and how it's still actively used and developed.


wonder if my cell phone runs unix.....

nah, probably not BADASS enough for that. :\


Re: Unix killing off all its competition, I think it's a testament to the design strengths of the system.  (Or its artfully arranged weaknesses, since Unix WASN'T particularly well-designed compared to the other OSes of its time.) It's also worth remembering that, initially, there was NO corporation backing Unix - within its first few years of life, it was able to spread to thousands of sites all around the world simply by word-of-mouth and rampant 'piracy' of its code. It's an OS that was able to dominate the computer market largely of its own merits, not because some company was forcing hardware manufacturers to use it or die (a la Microsoft Windows).

In the sense that it was able to take over the market so thoroughly, Unix can be thought of as the "first Windows" - but its ascent to power had completely different dynamics, much more akin to GNU/Linux.

@Pentium: You've had *contact* with Unix at one point or another, you probably just don't know it. d:

My first experience with Unix was in 2006/07-ish, installing Puppy Linux on an old PC. Since then I've used many varieties of Linux, gotten fairly accustomed to using the BASH shell, and learned some of the ins and outs of Linux - I used Ubuntu on K8 for about a year, then SuSE (though I really didn't like it), before K8 died last winter. And of course, in late 2009 I got my iMac running a version of BSD Unix we call OSX. ^^

@Kari: Your cell phone certainly could... I suspect mine runs Linux, since that's the primary OS Motorola was using at the time of its manufacturing.


i have a tracphone by LG. don't know if that means anything. :\


i installed ymlf OS on my laptop; a fairly stable linux distribution.


well, google the problem then. when in doubt, gugurekasu. -w-

(also, i read that as y-milf)

Dr. Kraus

I saw the word UNIX and now I wanna say when I first used UNIX!

2001 was when I first used UNIX when we bought a iMac and then a Macintish G3, I still have everything that came with the copy of OSX 10.1 that my dad bought for both systems (They both ran OS9 for some reason~) the entire booklet, disk, and case are sitting on my bookshelf right now, I just happened to look at it while typing this!

Taim for bed, I leave you with trance party!


once again, i'm missing my raving hitler pic. :[


Well, I've successfully upgraded 2k-tan to an SSD. Here's what my WEI score looks like; showing just how awesome she is after this last major upgrade:


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nice specs

price and parts list?

here is my WEI on Clover:

Uploaded with a hope to find people lower than me .
cost me 500.00 flat to build

Dr. Kraus

$750.00 that was bought at bestbuy 3 years ago with only the graphics card getting an update:


Here's mine:

5.9 is the highest you can go in Vista.
Red_Machine: Flouting the Windows Lifecycle Policy since 1989!


Here's a rundown of everything that has gone into my desktop

Case: Antec Three Hundred
Power supply: Antec TruPower New 650W
Processor: Intel Core i7-2600 (Quad, 3.4Ghz)
RAM: Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 (2 SIMMS; to be bumped up to 4 later on)
Graphics card: Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850
Disc drive: Samsung SH-B123L BluRay drive
CPU heatsink & fan: Zalman 9500A
Case fans: Thermaltake 120mm blue LED (Forgot model number)
OSes: Windows 7 Professional, Windows 2000 (In Virtualbox; as "2k-on-2k Mode")

External stuff:
- LG Flatron E2060 LED monitor
- Logitech M100 USB mouse
- Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite, in black (Dual-mode USB & PS/2)
- Afterglow Xbox 360 controller, blue
- Targus USB memory card reader
- USB floppy drive (To be added later)
- Video capture device (To be added later)

Cost so far, rounded up: $1,800
Estimated cost after everything is said and done: $2,000


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i would never pay 600.00 for a computer. i may by second hand, but it saved me 1400.00.

if i bought all my parts new, it would of cost 2100.00

so, do the math, i payed about 700.00 for my new computer i got in jan.

Windows 7 Ultimate: Free with key i got from imageshack(torrented dvd.)
Core2Extreme 3.33ghz quad core: 90.00 ebay [OC to 4.2ghz easily.]
Visiontek 4850 512mb: 50.00 ebay
Coolermaster hyper x 212: 20.00 ebay with both fans
Gigabyte p53-ud3l: 60.00 ebay
7gb ddr2 800mhz ram: 80.00 ebay
coolermaster case: 70.00 newegg (originally costs 130.00)
Bluray burner: 30.00 Ebay
x 3 dvd burners: 50.00 ebay
500gb HDD: 25.00 ebay
230gb hard drive: free, in trash [rpm 10k]
1tb Hard drive: 40.00
G15 keyboard: free from friend
equalizer z Mouse: 15.00 newegg
case fans: 20.00
hdmi cables: 3.00 each ebay
650w coolermaster psu: 25,00 ebay
32 inch hdtv: free(well, he took a penny.)
stereo receiver: 40.00
Cervin Vegas Speakers: 60.00
Sony 7506 headphones: 40.00

and with shipping is about 600-700 usd.

u jelly?