What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 pm

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Aurora Borealis

@Pentium: One of the reasons the Power PC stopped being used in Macs because Apple was never able to make a Powerbook G5 because no G5 chip could run cool enough in a laptop, and the last Power Mac G5 model had to be water-cooled. At that point, continuing the Power PC was unsustainable.

It's really too bad because I like the PPC Macs. :(


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on June 03, 2011, 01:36:00 pm
i love you all, but part of me hopes you get a virus, so you'll get knocked off your high horse.

If stating facts puts me on a high horse, don't ever talk about video game console wars or the PPC architecture, that'll put me on Nasa's new Constellation. Oh and french fries, Wendy's commercials make me gag, those fries are NOT good!


@Aurora: So that's why they didn't use the G5 for very long...

@Choco: If that was partially directed toward me, than I'd rather Asagi not get a virus; since I have no restore discs for her, getting a really bad virus or worm would be the equivalent of her being shot through the heart and left to die. If it wasn't, ignore this segment


Quote from: PentiumMMX on June 03, 2011, 04:34:47 pm
@Aurora: So that's why they didn't use the G5 for very long...

Another thing is the supply of G5's wasn't being made as fast as they wanted, the supply and R&D was slowing down to a point where they weren't comfortable. They knew it was getting to a point where they wouldn't develop a cooler one until it was too late and the rest of the market had caught up or passed them. (the G5 back in the day was the omgwtfbbq computer).

PPC is still incredibly good though, even if Apple was going to take a major blow from slow development and small shipping numbers.

the Playstation 3, Wii and the Xbox 360 all use PPC CPUs, for example.


@aurora: that's sad. hopefully over time they'll figure out a way to use it effectively. :\
@pentium: you're not really in the flamewar, so it's not at you. :[
(and if asagi ever crashed, i'd make a copy of my windows 7 install disk for ya xD)

@kriz: that's what makes a topic like this dangerous; the SUPREME loyalty to a certain computer. does having a mac make you better than me? no. is a mac better than a windows? in the end, no, because they're both just operating systems. a windows can do everything a mac can, and a linux can too. sure, it may involve more things, but in the end they can all write things, make pictures, organize and play music, etc. and we just need to accept that while you and i may not use the same OS, we're equals.

and if you think differently than that, then i don't think we can be friends. :[


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on June 03, 2011, 04:43:02 pm
and if you think differently than that, then i don't think we can be friends. :[

I don't see anything that's wrong in your post at all, so I'm pretty sure I accept that.
I also don't see how anything like that would make me a better person.


@Choco: That's good to know; after all, Asagi is like the Weighted Companion Cube, if the Companion Cube where a laptop.

As for the whole "blind loyalty" thing that's come up in this topic, I was like that over Windows and Nintendo when I was younger. However, a combination of MacOS 7.5 and a Sega Genesis got me to snap out of it and be more accepting.

Aurora Borealis

This is getting too serious business, peoples!


June 03, 2011, 05:05:12 pm #1433 Last Edit: June 03, 2011, 05:08:27 pm by Bella
Anybody who thinks a certain OS makes you a better person needs to be lobotomized. I'll provide the drill!

@Kari: Kriz said NOTHING that suggests he thinks this way. NOTHING. He's been perfectly reasonable the whole time, as has Red (although I agree with Kriz over Red on the topic of Macs getting malware, because he's a long time Mac user and knows more on the subject). I love you but you shouldn't take things so personally .... and not put words in other people's mouths. >__<;


@aurora: indeed.
@pentium: i try to keep an open mind. however, i've used macs and they're not to my taste. :\
@kriz: i don't like SUPER-LOYALTY to any one thing (except friends and family, since that's important). so hearing people spout off "MAC IS BEST" or "WINDOWS IS BEST" pisses me off to some degree. the more vocal you are about it, the less i like you. ><;;

@bella: i wasn't trying to. and i don't appriciate the assumption. >:[



The only loyalty I have is to Unix, and that's just because it:

1) Has a 50+ year history spanning back to MIT (via CTSS and Multics) and Bell Labs (UNIX's birthplace)
2) Has outlived like 90% of other OSes and KILLED OFF most of its competition
3) It is perhaps the most flexible OS ever made, meaning it can be continually modified/improved
4) It's been ported to every architecture known to man, can be made to run on just about anything and perform every task
5) It's the only system that can be found running in embedded systems, cell phones, home computers, supercomputers, servers, mainframes, micros, minis, it's found in the control systems of aircraft, spacecraft, appliances, and in nearly every home, business, academic and government sector and has been for the last 40 years

My appriciation of Unix is neither irrational nor blind. Unix has weak points. Sometimes I cannot decide if I love or hate Unix. But it is, without doubt, the most successful OS to ever be created and it makes me proud to use it.


What's that? OS/Computer preferences is srs bzns to a bunch of hardcore OS historians/computer nerds?

Aurora Borealis

I'm trying not to be serious business, but part of me hates Unix because it killed off so much of its competition. T_T


My smartphone is a Wintel, and I loves it.  I only wish I could install Windows Mobile 6 on it, tho...
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