What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 pm

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Now that I'm against, unless it's honestly beyond saving; with broken pins and such.


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or if you were DESPERATE for money. broken computer? free gold! ^^

EDIT: so i found out yesterday that my cousin wants to become an IT.



I just found out that the password I plan to use on MISAKA would take your average hacker 16.50 trillion centuries to crack.

Also, it would take the US military with several thousand supercomputers 1.65 hundred centuries to crack it.

I have no clue what that is in normal years...

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Mine is slightly stronger (16.80 trillion centuries), at least, the one I use for here and other places. My computer doesn't have a password but it does ask you to put the password in upon login. Meaning it's a troll. You'll never get the password right if you try to guess it, because there isn't one.
The overkill password I used to use is "4.35 hundred thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion centuries" on the "one hundred trillion guesses per second" one.


My account password would take less than a week to crack under normal circumstances.

My admin's password would take over 30 centuries to crack under normal circumstances.



If this is what Windows 8 will be like when it finally comes up, I'm never going to use it.
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Online Attack Scenario:
(Assuming one thousand guesses per second)   14.42 billion centuries
Offline Fast Attack Scenario:
(Assuming one hundred billion guesses per second)   1.44 hundred centuries
Massive Cracking Array Scenario:
(Assuming one hundred trillion guesses per second)   14.42 years

for my old password. i have a new one, but i'm too paranoid to type it into that thing.

@red: windows 8 sucks. forever. i'm wondering what her -tan will look like. :\

also, since everyone seems to have ignored it, my cousin, the one i always considered the least brainy out of all of them, the one who considers a size 2 "fat", is thinking of becoming an IT.

i pray to whatever god or goddess will listen that she changes her mind. ><;;;


Dayum Windows 8, YOU UGLY. >__>

@Kari: You mean she wants to study information technology? Or does she wanna work in the IT industry/be a computer repairperson/etc?


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MFW Windows 8


@bella: i'm not sure. but as she told me her only motivation was "to be rich", i REEEEEEEEALY think she's choosing the wrong field.

plus, i've always been the nerdy one in the family, so when the club girl swoops in to take my thing, i get a little touchy. >:\

and yeah, windows 8 IS ugly. :\


If that's what it's really going to look like, I'd take Chicago 58s over Windows 8 any day


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My standard online passwords would take 3300, 4300 and 437000 years for the low-grade attack to break.

My high-security password would take 2590000000000 years for that level to break, and 259 years for the highest level.


Then again, my computer password is BIOMETRIC IMPRINT, so yeah... fingerprintan ftw. =w=


i feel unsafe since i punched my current password in there.... ;^; (it's actually worse than my old one, lol.)

also, since it belongs here, there appears to be a shiny new virus afoot:
NO MATTER WHAT OS YOU USE OR PREFER, be careful. even if you don't think you need security software, it's good to have it, just in case. (like the boyscouts say, always be prepared. :3)


I don't have a modern Mac yet, but should I still panic anyway?


I wouldn't say panic.  Just be vigilant!
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