What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 pm

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Step 1 to save the drive: DL Puppy linux.
2: Burn to cd. Boot.
3: Insert drive.
4: Start gparted.
5: Format in whatever format you wish it.
6: ???


I just got it working again; my files are long gone, of course, but I can at least use it again


if you upgraded the ram you might be able to get more. like, to a gig or something. doesn't seem TOO expensive....


That Optiplex can only handle 512MB of RAM, and the money it costs for that much SDRAM is better spent going into Frankenstein


eh, alright. if you save it for a few years you might be able to get more for it.....


If it doesn't sell, I could try hanging onto it longer...although Optiplexes are plentiful around here, so there likely wouldn't be much demand for one


Well, Dell may SAY that it only supports 512MB.  My Dimension 4550 only officially supports 1GB, but I'm running 2.
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If it wasn't for the fact I don't feel it's worth putting too much money into, I'd consider seeing if I could push it further with more RAM


yeah, it's probably not worth it to sink money into it if you're not going to turn a profit.

you could sell it for parts....


Yeah, if all else fails I could post a listing on craigslist selling it for parts or something


it would suck if it comes down to that, but good luck with it.

i'd feel bad if i did this myself, since i consider it to be like the torturous murder of a computer, but it'd be nice to know how to extract the gold from computer parts. :\


I used to be really upset by people scrapping older comps., but now I don't really care what happens to post-mid-1990s, non-Apple-or-IBM computers, as long as they aren't rare or whatever. : /

Of course that's only desktop computers, servers, mainframes, etc. I'd like to see preserved. -w-


I'm still upset by people throwing away Apples, even if they don't work.
Makes me think of Megatron in the 80's TF movie. "but I stiiiiiil function!"


I try to avoid parting out something that still works unless, like Crappy, it deserved it; that desktop was so poorly assembled with no care put into any part of it, that it felt more like a mercy kill to tear it down for parts to save Frankenstein Classic.


i don't feel bad about recycling computers, as that's recycling. but COMPLETELY RIPPING THE CHIPS APART FOR THE GOLD makes me feel bad. ;^;