What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 pm

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Quote from: Dr. Kraus on May 27, 2011, 06:35:25 pm
>Post pictures of awesome new gaming laptop and old computers
>Request for cd


new computer? no that is pretty mid tier. alienwares are overly hyped and for people who cant build there own setup....LIKE A MAN!

http://imageshack.us/g/121/img0001fkh.jpg/ my new setup


You're talking to the guy who spent £1,000 building a high-end gaming PC from scratch.  Your argument is irrelevant.

Also, I'd like to meet the guy/gal who can build their own gaming netbook from scratch.
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if i knew laptops and i had the money, i'd try. :\


laptops are not gaming machines, they will end up frying like omelet. laptops as gaming computers is just silly.

also you mentioned netbook gaming computer?

what are you? 12?

why is my generation so focuses on portability when it comes to gaming computers? i can understand a portable HPTC case for a desktop, but a gaming netbook? what a waste.

LONG LIVE THE LATE 90s 40 pound computer cases!



troll indeed. speedy's a 2007-8, and she's the nicest computer in the house (and she's a laptop).


I admit, I almost bought a high-end laptop for gaming; but, then I found Asagi sitting at a local pawn shop next to an much older and much more expensive Viao that ran on Windows ME...


speedy was freee~ ^^ (sorry, i just love that fact. ^^; )

the next newest computer in the house is the "family" computer downstairs, but it runs like shit, so if we're talking in terms of reliability then i'd have to go with my sister's Dell Inspiron (2005). it can barely hold up its own head, but it gets the job done :3


funny, i got a lot of my shit for free from dumpster diving:

Core2extreme 3.2ghz (Quad) (found is computer that was thrown away at my locale news station.)
JVC 6032v Stereo receiver( from my dad.)
2tb HDDs(from 'broken' External hard drives.)
Cerwin Vegas DX-9( refoamed, cost me 20.00)
Sony 100w speakers( from dad)
Dreamcast(in a back ally dumpster.)
Windows me Laptop(found abandoned in a trash can on a stormy night.)
32 inch HDTV(tv doesnt work, but hdmi does.)
Zune(replaced battery, cost me 20.00)
Sony MDR-7506 (found is lost and found.)


@Red: I really like Misaka's glowy keyboard. owo But that 1998 Dell keyboard isn't THAT vintage... now THIS is a vintage keyboard!



i had a metel keyboard from the late 70s

sold for 40.00

i wish i could of modded it to work on my new computer....now i am stuck with my European g15


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this is the oldest computer part i have.


The oldest part I have would probably be a keyboard that looks like it was probably built in the mid '80s; it's very bulky and the keys make a satisfying click sound when pressed. Using it with MS-DOS really gives you a vintage experience like no other


i'd like to hook my old mouse up to timmy, when he's completed. but first, i need to find a copy of Windows 95. :\