What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 pm

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Well, the disc actually said "Windows 95 with USB Support"; without having to download anything extra for it. Of course, it is kind of useless; since most USB drivers are designed for Windows 98 and up.


Ayup, mine has USB support too.  Still no computer to put it on though.


Funfact: the OSR versions of Windows 95 are the only versions of 95 I like.

I think OSR 2.1 and 2.5-tan are responsible for this. Silly but true I'm afraid... ^^;;

Aurora Borealis

Same here! 95 OSR 2.1-tan and 2.5-tan are two of my favorite Windows-tans! :D


*wussy-slap-fights stew* MEEEEEHHHHHH, LUUUUUUCKY ;^;

(can i get a burned copy of that eventually?)


I'll try my best, despite my perpetual fail status at burning disk images.


I've never made a disk image from a physical CD (usually it goes the other way around) but I'm sure it can't be that difficult...

Dr. Kraus

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Kraus' simple steps to burning a physical disk!

1. Insert disk into the disk tray
2. Close the disk tray
3. Open up my computer
4. Make sure you have Nero or some other burning program
5. Rip the disk image off the physical disk
6. Take disk out of disk tray
7. Place blank CD-R (make sure its somewhat big, you can use a DVD if you really want to) into disk tray
8. Close tray
9. Select the disk image you just ripped and burn it to the blank CD!
10. Stick a label on that bitch (or use a sharpy like a cheap bastard >:D)

You now successfully made an illegal copy of Windows! (or what ever you just burnt)


Amendment I: Use ImgBurn for burning and image-making. It's free and good and simple.
Amendment II: In some cases you might want to use DaemonTools or other mounting applications for ensuring a proper rip was had.

Dr. Kraus

Quote from: NejinOniwa on May 12, 2011, 08:36:31 pm
Amendment I: Use ImgBurn for burning and image-making. It's free and good and simple.
Amendment II: In some cases you might want to use DaemonTools or other mounting applications for ensuring a proper rip was had.

Thank you for these amendments, I forgot completely about these things (I don't rip many CD's or DVD's anymore thanks to the interwebz!).


well my voice hurts from screaming so much today (don't ask)
and my legs hurt from sitting on a hard floor without getting up for 2 whole periods >w>

and right now, i'm in the living room in the comfy spiral chair using the elegant HP AMD64 Windows 7 computer~
The monitor is a HP 2009m. (It's huge)
We practically have everything HP for this computer. HP monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer/scanner, etc.
I love HP xD
I'm not kidding. I have all teh animal crossing games and play them everyday.
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Dr. Kraus

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I've had nothing but trouble with HP over the years, all(most) my dad's (mine as well) clients have HP computers for their business' and they all end up needing to get fixed more often than the Dells I've installed in their work places (most of the Dells last 2 years until someone decides to kill it -.-)! The interior design of the HP computers also makes me mad for everything takes 3 hours to remove or unplug or anything really...

Funny enough I have a client's HP desktop (the same client that gave me the Apple Powerbook G4) upstairs that I'm about to start working on...   

Been playing around with this PowerBook G4 and noticed that the battery setting was set to low performance... This laptop is surprisingly better and more enjoyable with the power settings up all the way (while plugged into the wall, if not I will go with minimum power consumption). This also has a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS installed which works really well, the one and only reason I love Apple computers. The. Best. Photoshop. Support. Period.

The loading times and such with photoshop were great even though this laptop is underpowered in the case of RAM (CPU that is clocked at 1 Ghz isn't that bad, my Macintosh G4 downstairs is only clocked at 334 Mhz with 215MB of RAM. THAT IS SLOW.) I've got a copy of Tiger ready for install right now but I'm going to hold off for a little while and see how I'm going to use this laptop more, if I'm going for art than I might just clear off all these junk programs I'm not going to use (imovie, garage band, mobileme, ect.) so I have some more space, maybe just copy all of the Photoshop stuff onto a hard drive, install Tiger, place photoshop back on. There are many options for this laptop right now and it seems that they are all heading towards an Art based computer (I've wanted a Apple Computer for this sole reason but have always been stuck with PC and Windows which never suited me for art due to lack of support in Windows... though it has gotten better over the last few years, I still like OSX more for media while Windows is more for gaming, work, programming, etc.).

I just noticed that I've written quite a lot right here...I shall stop for today...


I've only owned one HP computer, a very underpowered "craptop" at that, but she's run perfectly since the day I got her (2005). She's too slow to do...just about anything, so I usually only use her when traveling and then just to browse the web and write. -w-

Macs can be just as good as Windows computers for work (I'm assuming you mean word processing/office software and whatnot?) and programming (and actually come with programming tools out-of-the-box, unlike Windows). I'm dubious about the entire Macs are better than Windows machines at artstuff thing, but I can vouch that Photoshop CS4 has a very snappy startup and runs smoothly on mine...




Quote from: Bella on May 14, 2011, 12:36:35 am(and actually come with programming tools out-of-the-box, unlike Windows)

Wrong.  Both Vista Enterprise and Ultimate come with a complete Unix Subsystem for programming and app testing.

Quote from: NejinOniwaHP=Shit


Indeed, we get a few of them in at work and they are a bitch to work with.  Dells, however (at least older ones, not as good anymore) are a pleasure to work with.  Especially the ones with tool-less maintenance.
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