Started by CaptBrenden, April 11, 2007, 01:16:05 am

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nice, dude. different enough to be recognizeable, while still having the similarities. -w-


I've put off working on this for like a month. Finally got it together today...more or less.



I approve of 2k artwork


That is a mighty fine drawing you've done there Balrith.


srsly man, poast moar. :00


How did I miss this post? Great work Balrith! :D

PDP-10, -7, -4, -11, VAX and PDP-12-tan go to jail.


Cool pic ^^

If they were arrested, I wonder what for?: P


nice drawing bro.

was that background a template, or did you make it? if it's a template, could you send it to me? :0

Dr. Kraus

God it been years since I've sat down and attempted to actually draw something, that ended turning sour so I knew I need to return to my roots and start up just tracing until I build confidence and skill to sketch and then improve.

So here is a little trace of AR21-tan that took some time but was fun, I obviously do not claim this as my own work.


even if it's not an original piece, it's still nice. i can see the sketch lines, but that's the way i draw too, and yours lines up real nice. steady hand is steady. :3


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I very proud of this one.

I'm pretty sure you've met Ucie before, I posted somethings of her a while ago.

Short character Bio:

The last of her kind, when Ucie came to earth she lost her memory of her previous life, which was well enough due to the fact that everyone she loved was dead. She crash landed on Simon and he died, she revived him and walla Bio. She can travel though dimensions with Simon due to and ability she gained during the Nexus series (a pet project we had in high school). And for a while she has been staying in the Pokemon universe, where she fell in love with a Flygon.

And a collage of it and my team. And well a girl.
Simon was here :P<br />



Roughed out 3.1 and doskitty


nice, dude, real nice. but what is she doing with her dress, holding it up so she won't trip while she walks? (i have to do that all the time going up stairs since i like wearing long skirts. ><; )


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It's supposed to be something like that though I'm pretty bad at drapery--especially with such a weird perspective. It's probably not going to look right even after I redraw and polish the lines.

Maybe I should come back to this one if I get better.


Who am I kidding? I don't have that kind of patience.