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Window Vista

Started by time-time, February 28, 2007, 01:47:54 pm

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Window Vista is on the market, Window XP will be gone soon any one disagree.


I disagree on the soon, seeing Win98 is still being used.

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I still use the 98 and xp and many more and they all do good to me


Vista gives users very little incentive to upgrade. I'll be keeping XP for a long time to come. Most everyone I've discussed this with feels the same way.


I'll wait with Vista until the most ciritical security holes are fixed. I don't want an Os with full of dangers!


window xp had security holes in the lanch product and that took it time to fix so Vista should not be too long to fix.


I think it's similar to Nintendo's Wii. The gamecube is still running strong; Nintendo is still producing games for it (or at least still licensing third-parties to make games for it), and XP is the primary OS used globally. So, It's going to take some time to adjust to Vista, and in the meantime, people are going to use XP for a lot of things. THere are so many things in XP that I could'nt do with 98, I don't want to switch right now. With windowblinds, and all the customizations I've done to the OS, I find it hard to say goodbye and start something new. Plus, there's proly going to be service packs released to fix some bugs they didn't eradicate in the beta longhorn, so I'll probably wait for that release. ^.^;;


I wouldn't upgrade to Vista seeing how much more steps I have to go through  to perform certain simple operations. I might wait a year or two before I dish out some heavy cash for a new OS.


Or get one for free! :)

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


Meh, I'll get Vista with my next computer in a couple of years or so *looking at you, Lenovo Thinkpad* Till then, XP all the way. Even if it does look like a weird emoticon (Winking and razzing at the same time, I think...LOL)


I'll install Vista when needed. (DX10 games and all that). I see too many people are having trouble with it for the time being to want to take that chance.

But I'm going to stick with XP-tan for as long as I can, works just fine for what I use my computer for. I'm also giving Linux/Ubuntu some attention these days, so that's also a factor that plays in.


I soppose its just me with my multiple computerness but Im already running vista and kept XP.  I personaly have no problems with it.
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Well, I've always lived in the past, hehe.   Win2k was released in '99, but I didn't start using it until 2002 (Was on 98SE until then), and didn't install XP until 2003.  I just seem to be content sticking with what works for me. Of course, the back side to that is that learning about new stuff takes longer.  But when I upgrade my rig later this spring, I'm probably going to install Vista along with XP.  Just to check Vista out once and for all, and be ready for the new DX10 games. (As I'll be purchasing a DX10 graphics card as well).


Quote from: "Kami-Tux"Or get one for free!


But there seriusly are still people who use the older windows OS's for example the old work comp has windows 95 But it's not used any more, except if we want a few nostalgic moments


got vista with this new pc
i was using xp on my other pc
i like vista better