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Started by rdhdtwns, February 15, 2007, 07:57:15 PM

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What conventions does everyone attend? I live in the midwest USA, so I'm mostly in the Ohio/Kentucky con scene. The cons I'm attending this year are~

Daigacon (Bowling Green, KY)
Anime Punch! (Columbus, OH)
Anime Central (Chicago, IL)
Colossalcon (Cleveland, OH)
Otakon (Baltimore, MD)
Tsubasacon (Huntington, WV)
Sugoicon (Cincinnati, OH .. also my personal fav <3)

Anyone from the board going to any of these? I'm staff at Anime Punch!, and doing work for Tsubasacon and Sugoicon, and possssibly Anime Central.
I'm not dragging XP-tan anywhere this year ^^; but if someone else from the board goes, find me!
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I have often considered going to an animecon, but I've been too busy. Are any of those in the summer? I know a couple of guys who might want to go. I have often thought what it would be like to meet someone from the forum at a con...


Totally guessing by your name to distinguish your location, you'd probably be good getting to Otakon, location wise :) It is in the summer, and it's the largest con on the East Coast (24,000+ last year, wooo!) <3
So cute it\'s deadly!


Hmm...indeed. Meditate on this, I must.


I'm sorry, Codi-san.  ;__;

Usually I attend Anime North in Canada, and Anime Central and Youmacon in the US.  But this year I'm afraid I'll have to pass on all of them, due to business needs.  ;__;

I'll be sure to compensate you for your complete lack of C-chan-ness, though.  ^__^

Maybe some more 25 cent postcards of my OS-tans.  ^v^'


I like conventions, but there's never enough time to attend many. Usually I'm only able to reserve time-off for Comic-Con in San Diego. To make up for lost time I'll spend the whole week there.

Last year was amazing. About 120,000 people made it into the convention hall. I was quite surprised to find some military acquaintences and weapons manufacturers hawking chibi figurines. They had a plate carrier and M4 stashed under their table.

A couple of my friends dress up as hunters on safari to go to some furry convention(don't remember the name).

Now, technical conventions... I go to too many of those.


none in washington waaahhhhh >_<
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I go to conventions but rarely, i'm going to my first animecon this year, i hope they've got some good OS-tan merchendise laying around!

Other than that I went to a few gaming conventions, a couple electronics conventions, that's about it.


I would like to come but there are some problems  ;018

- I live in Germany
- I have never been in America
- I don't have the money because I spent a lot (a large amount) for the animation/drawing equipments -.-"

- My english isn't the best....
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thurisis...dude there ARE anime conventions in germany

i just googled "anime messe" for you (that's german for "anime convention")

look what i found instantly!

it's ok you don't have to thank me ;)


I have been thinking of going to Akon in texas, since i know some people there. That will not happen this year at least, though, since I'm not really a person prone to spontaneous overseas trips or skipping my studies. Maybe next year though...


I usually only attend one con a year.

Nan-Desu-Kan in Denver.  It is the nearest con I know of so I don't have to leave the state. :)
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went to my first otakon last year, going again this year with more people and i might actually cosplay

Alex Stankevitch

Ill go to any in the UK, but I need to find one and get the money for it :P


dude, Alex, welcome back! ^^

I'm going to AX for my third year. :3
Going to see the SOS-dan there. X3

I'd like to go to Sakuracon and Otakon one of these days... I MIGHT go to Anime LA this January. I'd like to experience a small con.  cuz AX is HUEG.